Everything you need to know about upcoming Chinese souls like action RPG Wuchang Fallen Feathers Set in the Ming Dynasty

Chinese indie Studio Linji Games has announced Wuchang Fallen Feathers, a souls-like – Stirring action role for Chase-gen consoles and for PC players. set in the Ming Dynasty, created by BiliBili – the publisher behind the F.I.S.T: Counterfeited in Shadow Torch has released the game. Lynzi released 18 minutes of free gameplay footage, which you can see below:

Wuchang Fallen Feathers story so far

In Wuchang Fallen Feathers, emperor Chongzhen commits suicide, leading to anarchy that sees warriors fighting for power. Meanwhile, a strange phenomeni=on occurs that changes people’s appearance and behavior, as feathers grow on their bodies. As they Fight through the towns and villages of the Ming Dynasty, players must uncover the truth behind these secret transformations.

Summary: This heroic journey is rooted within the player in difficult encounters with arbitrary robbers, deformed human giants, and diabolical monsters heavy with double-edged swords, axes, and old gunpowder weapons. Set in the final confusing years of the Ming Dynasty, Wuchang: against crypto which means a sharp reality in terrifying horrors.

The game is based on both Shu-Sanxingdui, the ancient civilization of Jinsha, and Chinese myths embedded in the myth of Cthulhu. Wuchang: reports fall that Ming Chongzhen’s government has been ousted. Chaos and unrest spread throughout china as the heroes fought for power among the rest of the Ming family. Sveitasveit takes advantage of the problems, fishing communities and populations in all countries are completely gone.

A Strange phenomenon is beginning to spread- human bodies begin to raise their feathers, changing their behavior and appearance. In this advantage players will walk around the traditional cities of the Ming dynasty, distant human villages, a misty temple place, and the secret action of the shu site to uncover the powerful power behind these horrific transformations.

About Linzi games:

Linzhi games is a free game developer based in Chengdu, China. The 80- person team was formed in 2016 and has worked on several games, including Fallout 4, Far Cry 4, Halo 5: Guardians, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and Honor of the VR King.

The release of Wuchang Fallen Feathers date has not been announced yet.

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