How Long Do Keyboards Last?  The Lifespan of

By Mr. Wackadoo

How Long Do Keycaps Last?

Keycaps can last anywhere from months to years. It all depends on the quality, the double keycap or the plain keycap with the letters printed on it.

How Long Do Keyboard Switches Last?

if you’re looking for the longest-lasting keyboard, consider one with optical switches.To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the most reliable switches available on the market, see the table below.

How Long Do Keyboards Last?

If you want your keyboard to last at least a few decades, invest in mechanical switches from reputable suppliers like CherryMX or Kailh. If you want to go one step further, get a quality keyboard with optical switches.

How Long Do Keyboard Cables Last?

Cables can be used for decades if not handled properly and left unattended. Keyboard cables in particular do not need to be moved frequently.However, if you know you don’t care about peripherals or frequent trips, get a wireless keyboard or a keyboard with a removable cable. You don’t have to worry about the keyboard cable bending, bending, or damaging it. Another way.