War Mongrels – New Strategy Game 2021- just like commando-games by Destructive Creations

War Mongrels – New Strategy Game 2021

War Mongrels is a brutal WW2 real-time strategy game set on the Eastern Front.

Developers behind the Ancestors Legacy, The Polish studio Destructive Creation recently announced a new real-time game titled War mongrels. Mongrels is an isometric real-time strategy game that was made on the eastern front of world war II.

Games based on World War II have been receiving less attention in gaming these days, although they changed a considerable number of lives and brought forward many stories of courage, and valor. Gamers will experience similar gameplay to Commando games.

Excellent voice acting and electoral system. Players must decide how best or worst to perform each battle and the enemy's goal. When the user activates scheduling mode, one of the more specific sequences occurs.

Mongrel builds thier base on the basis of these two opposing intellectuel forces. First driven by propaganda, soon our heroes find out their purpose in fighting back the expanding Nazi army that entangled them in the international conflict in the first place. From boys to men in days, they open their eyes to the atrocities of war and find their purpose within the fight to stop the further meaningless killing. 

Storylines of the War Mongrels inspired by the heavy history guide the player through the journey of two Wehrmacht as they goto fight heavy criminals from the desert their squad expands as they meet new characters who support an identical cause.

As each character has their own set of skills and advantages, players must learn to mix them effectively to outsmart the enemy during a spread of missions during a changing environment. Sneaking, distraction, silent kills, and using the environment are a number of the most skills players will need to fancy heart, but a stock of firearms also will be available and useful in completing mission objectives. And because the goal of each hero is to save lots of others and hopefully survive, our heroes strive to stop the deaths of innocent people rather than getting far away from the war as originally intended

Main features of the War Mongrels:

  • Multiplayer gameplay
  • A historical lesson like Location, World War II based weapons, Uniforms, historical Events, article, and much more.
  • Use the force: Have you been spotted? Draw your gun and try to shoot your way out of the situation.
  • Unique team: Each playable character has their own special set of skills, personality, background during the journey.
  • Take a Break: Interactive environment that opens up many strategical options.
  • Replay value: Player can try a different strategy in each mission
  • Hellish Storyline: As grim as the bloody trenches where dead soldiers remain after battels.
  • Just Wow: You are going to experience the best Audio-Visual quality as you have never experienced before in an RTT game.

War Mongrels game is still in a development phase, but if you’re looking for a positive sign of things then you must watch the recently released gameplay by the developers.

War Mongrels Release date : Not announced .

War Mongrels Rumored to announded in 2021

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