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VELVET ASSASSIN is Inspired by the fascinating history and unwavering spirit of the British secret agent Violate Szabo, Players took control of Violette Summer, A beautiful world war II spy behind enemy lines, without official support or support from the British government. An intense stealth game with an amazing real-time lighting system and surreal visuals combine to produce an incredible gaming experience.

Through the third-person game, peek at enemies and pull pins from their belt grenades. Infiltrate a Gestapo prison and pass cyanide to your own men before speaking to the Germans. And, sneak through the shadows of annihilating your shameless enemies with the single silent move. Through Violet’s feverish dream, she experienced what she wanted, walk where enemies went. Abd kills suspicious enemies.

Sneak Kills – Perform more than 50 different ferocious maneuvers to quickly neutralize the enemy soldiers or use your own environment to land on Violet’s enemies.

Dynamic light and shadow – Immerse yourself in the darkness of Nazi-controlled Europe and escape the relentless spotlight of the German guards who cut through your gloomy cover.

Stylized environment – Explore real and real scenarios created after world war II.

Unique Perspective – Experience the inexplicable horrors of the war through Violet’s feverish dreams. Switch to morphine mode when Violet’s memories trick her into opposing and gain an advantage against opposing forces.

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Leaving holes in the VELVET ASSASSIN‘s story, gameplay’s main focus is privacy as you try to infiltrate enemy facilities and targets. To help you achieve this goal, a colored silhouette is placed at the bottom left of the screen, if the silhouette is outlined in purple, Violet is completely obscured from view, allowing her to move silently from place to place and attack the guard with a sneak attack from the shadows.

You definitely have to be careful, because the enemy will do its best to detect anything out of the ordinary, such as broken glass on the floor of the corridor. They would also search in groups and even turn flashlights into peer. Guards will blow your disguise and start shooting at you. And then you will need to fight or flee, while guards call for reinforcements. Often, this means disappearing into the shadow and standing still, hiding in a cupboard, or leaving an area until the alert status is lowered.

You would expect so much attention to convert maneuvers that the stealth mechanics were extremely solid. Unfortunately, stealth is completely incompatible in execution. when it works, it is pleasant, but when it fails, it fails massively.

This demonstrates several problems. The first that the VELVET ASSASSIN Game often requires you to be in a specific position to trigger the death animation. Shand next to a soldier and you will not only thwart the attempt but will receive a burst of shots for your effort. A second issue arises from the fact that shadow does not always hide you.

During one mission I switched off all the lights of the room and sat silently in a corner to see who would come looking for me. And the guard who was probably 10 feet away from my location, magically saw Violet in the dark (without a flashlight) and raised an alarm. I relaunched the outpost and, magically, the shadow did what they should. This was not an isolated incident, in fact, this happened very often and I had to restart the mission most of the time.

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System requirements

Minimum requirement for Windows users:Recommended
OS: Windows XP/VistaOS: Windows XP/Vista
Graphics: Pixel Shader 3 graphics card with 256 MB VRAM
(Geforce 6800 or ATI x11600)
Graphics: Geforce 7500gt or ATI X1900 XT
Memory: 512 RAMHardDrive: 5GB free space
Processor: Single-core CPU with 3GHZSound: 5.1 surround sound
Sound: Stereo soundMemory: 1 GB RAM
Hard Drive: 5GB free space
Table System requirement for VELVET ASSASSIN
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