[Top] 8 Best Risers for Mining with Your GPU in 2022

Looking for the best risers for mining? We know that finding the best risers for mining can be very difficult, but if you are looking for the best risers for mining with 8-10 GPUs, this guide will help.

Searching different e-commerce stores has a lot of risers to choose from, and I sometimes end up choosing the wrong riser (which happened in my case), so after investigating, mining with the GPU. I hired a team of the best crypto mining experts and put together a list of these top riders just for you!

But before we get into this article, please be aware that we are not saying that these risers are the best risers in the mining market. But yes, these risers for mining have been personally tested by some of my friends and work repeatedly, which is great for them. So finding the best rider is no longer difficult and now you don’t have to find the best Risers here and there.

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The Best PCI e Risers For Mining Cryptocurrency

Finding a GPU board that suits your needs is not easy. If you are considering building a mining farm, the best way to do that is to get as much information as possible. You can do that by reading this article. See reviews for different models.

Therefore, this guide has put together a list of the best risers for mining. Even my friends and I use some of the riser brands described below, so we know these are the best risers for mining.

Ubit 6 Pack Latest GPU PCI-E Riser Express Cable 16X to 1X (6pin / MOLEX/SATA) with Led Graphics Extension Ethereum ETH Mining Powered Riser Adapter Card

risers for mining
best gpu risers

The first riser we introduce is from Ubit and is one of the most popular and recommended mining experts. If you’re looking for the best PCIe riser card with a durable look and a high level of quality, your search ends here. Believe me, of all the risers, this is by far the most popular. If I had the chance to look at my crypto settings, I might find these risers in 4 out of 5 settings.

So far, these risers have proven to be the most reliable and consistent, based on reviews on Amazon and my personal experience. The mining rig is well designed and manufactured, so you can enjoy it for a long time without any hassle.

The riser is also powered by the optional 12V / 1.5A Molex power connector, SATA power connector, and 6-pin PCIe port, so the riser is always stable while the GPU is operating under extra load. No noise is generated. Power setting. It’s a top-notch option, and it’s also a solution for setting up hardware for mining GPU-mined Ethereum and other altcoins.

The riser’s three solid capacitors provide a stable power supply to the GPU, and for long-term operation, additional coils absorb them to prevent EMI interference. These risers are pretty good and the best riser I’ve ever tested and used, so I won’t make any mistakes.

My Opinion

I have been using these risers personally for a long time and recommend them to some of my friends. These risers are solid and reliable and you can enjoy mining together for a long time.

These are the best GPU risers for miners on the market or on this planet, and if you need high performance, get it from Amazon as its the need of every miner. I highly recommend this .

FebSmart PCI-E Riser for Bitcoin Litecoin ETH Coin Mining 6 PIN Powered PCIE Extension Cable GPU Riser Ethereum Mining ETH GPU Extension Cable PCIEX1 to PCIE X16 Extender VER006C GPU Riser(6-PCS)

best risers for mining

The second most popular, most reliable and best gpu risers is manufactured by FebSmart, one of the most reliable and reputable companies in mining hardware. But while this company is still underrated, they are doing pretty good things and risers. The adapters they make are powered by a 6-pin PCIe port, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues between your motherboard and your graphics card. These risers are extremely reliable, durable and have a long service life.

Overall, what I like most about their gpu risers is probably the rugged design. These definitely look like a video card, not a regular riser. Also, I love their designs and I think they look pretty cool in black and red (yes, I really love these two tone colors). That’s probably why I ordered so many of them. For my crypto mining setup.

Currently offered in packs of 1, 2, and 6 mining racks, I chose a pack of 6 mining racks (which is cheaper than a single or double pack). If you only need two or three of them, you can still make some money by buying a pack of six risers for your mining rig and selling additional Best GPU risers for a small profit.

My Opinion
I really like these gpu risers for my crypto rigs and they work perfectly. I have some of them for my cryptocurrency, and they work great for me.

If you need a lot of gpu risers with a solid design and a decent two-tone look, you can definitely choose FabSmart. Especially if you are looking for a GPU risers for mining with 8-10 GPUs, we recommend these risers.

VOLADOR PCIE Riser 1x to 16x Powered Riser Adapter Card for Bitcoin Litecoin Ethereum Mining, 60cm USB 3.0 Extension Cable, 6 Pin SATA Power Cable – 6 Pack

best risers for mining

The third most popular GPU mining farm adapter on the list is the N.ORANIE 1x to 16x adapter. Before ordering 6 packs from Amazon, I did some research on these risers and found that they were very good, reliable and convenient for cryptocurrency mining rigs.

These risers have many features not found in many other similar products, such as four high quality solid capacitors that provide a more efficient and secure power supply to your graphics card. The slots on these stands also have a fixed buckle that keeps your graphics card safe by preventing it from falling off the stand.

These risers also come with a 60 cm USB 3.0 cable for easy placement and wiring in mining farms. At the same time, the cable has a multi-layer shielded wire that does not attenuate signals within 3 meters. The riser is also compatible with PCI-E 1x, 4x, 8x and 16x slots on the motherboard.

My Opinion
I love these gpu risers for my crypto rig and they are excellent in every way. I have some of these for mining rigs, and they work great.

If you need a medium design and a higher quality more powerful riser, you should also check the N.ORANIE riser.

Ubit 6-PCS PCI-E Riser for BitcoinLitecoinETH coin PCIe VER 006C 6 PIN 16x to 1x Powered Riser Adapter Card 6-Pin PCI-E to SATA Power Cable – GPU Riser Adapter – Ethereum Mining ETH

best risers for mining

This is another Ubit riser enough for mining rigs. Similar to the above, this is the highest quality adapter built to handle all your mining needs with a 6-pin PCIe-SATA power cable.

The only difference between the above Ubit riser and this is that it is compatible with 12 GPUs, while the above Ubit riser supports 6 GPUs. Therefore, select this if you need to connect more than 6 GPUs to your motherboard.

My Opinion

This is the same as the upstream Ubit board we saw above, with the only difference being that it comes in a pack of 12 boards enough to handle up to 12 GPUs and connect to the motherboard. ..

Onvian Upgraded Mining Dedicated Graphics Card Extension Cable 6P PCI-E1X to PCIe16X USB3.0 PCI-E Adapter Riser Card Line 4PIN – 6 Packs

best risers for mining

Before looking at the recently released Ombian gpu risers, let’s go back to the days when I was working on building my first mining farm.

I’ve used AMD Radeon before and it worked like a clockwork. But then I switched to Nvidia and haven’t looked back since then. Nvidia is much better suited for long-term mining, and you can take advantage of Nvidia even more, especially if your GPU is also running on newer models.

But I’ve always wondered why Nvidia doesn’t use the standard 16x PCI-E, or 20x like most older AMDs. Their answer was to make sure that the GPU consumes a lot of power and doesn’t need to send extra power through these connectors.

This is true, but not all GPUs. The temperature of the rig should be constantly monitored. If the temperature gets too high, it is advisable to try additional power through these connectors.

So back to this particular adapter, you can use it for both AMD and Nvidia GPUs. The only problem I have is that it may not be available on Amazon. However, it is available on the eBay store. If you want to order from there, please proceed.

Comes with an adapter board with a 2-pin Molex 4-pin PWM SATA power connector for connecting power. It can also be used to connect a 6-pin PCIe power connector located on the motherboard.

My Opinion

This is a great adapter you need to build a great mining rig with many GPUs. You will be able to connect all GPUs safely without any problems.

Dracaena PCIE Riser Adapter Card for GPU Crypto Mining16X to 1X (6pin/ MOLEX/SATA Powered) LED Status + 60cm USB 3.0 Cable (GPU Ethereum Mining) (6 pcs per Pack)

This is a brand new leader on the market and comes in sets of six. These are designed for mining cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Zcash and other cryptocurrencies.

These are powered by the GPU’s 6-pin connector. That is, it must be powered through that connector. If you don’t want the rig to overheat when using the riser, you can also use an adapter for that.

The good thing is that they are made of good materials and you can use them for a very long time. These are compatible with all motherboards with PCIe slots.

My Opinion

These are risers suitable for mining. It can also be used to build PCs, so don’t be distracted by the fact that it’s built for mining. Overall, these are real risers and there is no problem with your order.

BEYIMEI PCI-E 1X to 16X Riser Card, with 0.6 m USB 3.0 Extension Cable & 6PIN SATA Power Cable – GPU Extender Riser Card – for Bitcoin Ethereum Mining ETH (VER009S,6 Pack)

best gpu riser

This riser from BEYIMEI is arguably one of the best options to choose from. This is literally the perfect solution if you need a motherboard that requires 6 GPUs and 6 or more PCIe slots.

It comes with a 0.6m USB 3.0 extension cable that you can use to connect the unit to your computer or monitor. You can also get an 8-pin power cable that can send all the power you need to the riser.

These are the high quality risers I’ve been using for a long time and haven’t disappointed me yet.

My Opinion

It is suitable for long-term mining, so you can use it for a long time without worrying about it. Definitely recommended for anyone who wants a quality riser!

LinksTek PCIE Risers for ETH/BTC GPU Miner Rigs, PCIE Riser Cable for Bitcoin, Ethereum Mining, GPU Riser Adapter, GPU Riser Cable, PCI Express Riser VER006C(6Pack)

best gpu riser

LinksTek is another company we didn’t review, but I think their expansion cards are pretty good.

This particular product can be used on 6 GPUs and has a 1m (3ft) power cable long enough for setup. You can use it to easily connect up to 6 GPUs without any issues.

My Opinion
Like other riser cards, this card comes with 6 risers that allow you to connect up to 6 GPUs to your motherboard without any problems. For me its a best pci e risers for mining.

Why do I need a PCIe adapter for mining?

When mining Ethereum or another cryptocurrency, one thing to keep in mind is the number of GPUs used for mining. The answer affects a lot of things you do when setting up your rig, the GPU connected to it, and the number of adapters / cables you need. Therefore, you need a good motherboard with lots of PCIe slots.

The reason for this is very simple. If your motherboard has a 6x PCIe slot, you can use all 6x GPUs on that particular motherboard without any problems. If your motherboard has only two slots, you should use at least three risers. This will increase the cost of the mining rig. Therefore, the more slots you have on your motherboard, the better your EQ will be in the long run.

That said, 6 GPUs is sufficient for most rigs, but if you’re building a monster build on something like 12 GPUs, you need to make sure your rig supports everything above 12 GPUs. Vertical cards are very important.

The best thing about risers is that they are cheap and readily available. The best riser cards cost less than $ 20 and are much cheaper than GPUs. With two monitors and six risers, this investment pays off in the long run.

How to use the pcie risers for mining 2021/2022

The easiest way to hear about using a riser is to insert the card into the first PCIe slot on the motherboard. Then connect all the cables needed for mining so that they are all connected to each other. Once that’s done, you can hold the other side of the card and connect it to the device you’re wearing. This is a convenient location for a 2m or 3m USB 3.0 extension cable. This helps bring all devices closer to each other for easy access.

This is definitely an investment in mining rigs, as the 6 risers / cables used are of high quality and everything is fine if everything is set up and running smoothly. ..

A guide to choosing the best riser for mining

There are a few things to keep in mind when looking for a draw card. First, you need to make sure you are using the correct riser for your current motherboard. Most motherboards have 6 PCIe slots, and if you only have 2 or 4, 6x cards are also recommended.

If this is not the case and your motherboard has other slots such as 16x or 20x, get an adapter / adapter card as needed. With an adapter with additional slots, the mining rig will last longer and win. There will be no problems in the future.

I’ve seen some people use the riser with the wrong adapter. If you use them, you need to make sure they are compatible with the slots.

Another thing you have to consider is how much power your expansion card (and other cards as well) will need. This is one of the most important things when building a mining rig. Without enough power, the mining rig can get very hot and, depending on the room temperature, can have a very negative impact on your investment.

Make sure that even your power supply or adapter card is supplying enough power to both the GPU and all other components, including the adapter.

Which Crypto Mining PCIE Risers Do YOU Prefer?


Riser cards are very important because they can provide the flexibility you need. There are so many PCIe slots on the motherboard that it’s almost impossible to use them all, which can cause a lot of problems.

I personally used the 6x riser on my rig and they are perfect for me. I’m sure you’ll be happy with any 6x riser you have. Riser is cheap enough to buy, and with 6x you don’t have to worry about power supplies or adapters, as the mining rig doesn’t have enough power anyway.

I hope you found this article useful. If you plan to build your own mining rig, we hope this article will help you understand all the details. If you have any tips or recommendations for us and our readers, please leave them in the comments!

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