Top 10 Elden Ring Beginner Tips

Follow these beginner tips to get your game started smoothly.

Mastering games like Elden Ring can be a daunting task for those new to the Souls series. Limited healing, powerful enemies, and the vast open world of Elden Ring can be frustrating if you’re not ready. Even soul veterans can struggle in the first few hours of playthrough. Here I’ll be telling you Top 10 Elden Ring Beginner Tips.

Fortunately, no other mechanism has been created to assist players in FromSoftware games. Spirits, riding combat, and stealth are just a few of the mechanisms that can be used to level the playing field. For those new to Lands Between, here are 10 tips and tricks to make your adventure much easier.

1. Get Comfortable Rolling

elden ring beginner guide

This isn’t difficult for Souls veterans, but if you’re new to From Software games, you need to understand the importance of avoidance. In Elden Ring, evasion is the safest way to evade an attack. Not because you can control the distance to the enemy, but because avoidance gives you an invincible frame.

An invincible frame, most often known as an iFrame, is the part of the evasion animation that is completely unaffected by the incoming damage. In Elden Ring, this is about half the rotation animation. In order for the enemy to avoid the attack, it is necessary to time the avoidance just before the enemy attacks. This gives you the opportunity to fight back. Most attacks can be avoided, so you can roll comfortably on the floor. And for sekiro fans accustomed to the flexing dance of this game, Elden Ring has almost nothing. Return to Rolling and Parry.

Note: The evasion animation depends on the character’s equipment load. Medium gear load (less than 70% of gear load limit) or less is required to create the best avoidance animation. You can check the current load of the device on the Status menu.

2. Use Ashes Of War

Top 10 Elden Ring Beginner Tips
Top 10 Elden Ring Beginner Tips

The Ashes of War acts as a special ability that can be applied to weapons and shields. These abilities range from powerful attacks to full-blown spells and are worth using in normal gameplay for all builds. More importantly, the Ashes of War changes the weapon’s damage profile and scaling.

If you change the weapon’s war ash at Grace’s location, you can also select the tincture for that weapon. Infusion allows you to change the damage scale of this weapon based on specific stats, or add new types of damage such as Lightning and Cold to this weapon. This is very useful when facing a boss who is vulnerable to certain types of damage. Ash of War is completely free to change weapons, so there’s no reason not to try this system. Find the best skills and injections for your build.

3. Exploration Tips

Exploration is a major part of Elden Ring’s gameplay and cannot be ignored. Finding the basement and enemy camps is a great opportunity to improve your character both through equipment and leveling up. You can put together a complete list of things to look for in Interland, but instead, here are some common spoiler-free tips to make your search a little easier.

  • If you’re looking for a loot dungeon, stick to the rocks.
  • Enemy camps are scattered throughout the intervening lands. Be sure to clear them to find new weapons, cookbooks and more.
  • Collect the materials you find. They turn out to be worth making consumables.
  • Restores flask charge to destroy large groups of enemies. Do your best to completely clear camps and patrol groups while exploring.
  • Press crouch to quickly remove it from the mount.
  • In this way, you can make a jump attack immediately after getting off.

4. Jump Often

Elden Ring has its own jump button and comes with new vertical gameplay elements not found in From Software’s Dark Souls games. Jump attacks are easier than ever. This is great because jump attacks are so powerful. Two-handed weapons and powerful jump attacks upset the balance of almost every enemy in the game, and even a few bosses. Get used to using them.

In addition, Elden Ring has many hidden areas that can only be accessed by jumping. Legacy dungeons make heavy use of additional paths that can be accessed by jumping over crevices, so be aware of the shelves and rooftops where you can jump. If you look like you can jump into it, you should probably have. The same is true for falls. You can fall farther than you could with Dark Souls.

5. Mark Locations With Map Markers

Unlike most open world games, Elden Ring maps and compasses provide minimal tracking. If you’re looking for a loot dungeon, you’ll have to find it yourself. Fortunately, you can create markers and beacons on the map to mark important locations.

You can place up to 5 beacons and 100 markers on your map at any time. Beacons emit a pillar of blue light to make them easier to find. Markers only appear on the compass, but there are many marker icons that you can place to better classify your area. For example, if you find a great wolf breeding ground, you can mark it with a wildlife icon to distinguish it from landmarks and treasure icons. Feel free to use these features to help you navigate the vast world between Earths.

6. Summon Spirits Whenever Possible

If you find a large number near the Renaissance Monument, you can summon powerful spirits to fight with them. These spirits are as useful as cooperating phantoms, drawing the attention of your enemies away from you and causing serious damage. You can use Spirit Ash to summon reinforcements whenever you see the tombstone icon on the left side of the screen.

Unlock the first Spirit Ash quite early in the playthrough. The following minor spoilers:

Note: Once Melina gives you the ability to summon Torrent, return to Elleh’s church.. Renna the Witch appears on the destroyed wall. Talk to her to receive the Spirit Calling Bell and Lone Wolf Ash. You can now summon a pack of wolves while you are near the Resurrection Memorial. Find additional ashes throughout the game and unlock the ability to increase the power of the ashes later.

7. Craft Consumables And Ammo

Crafting is a small but effective mechanic for Elden Ring and should be used by all players. By collecting resources from the environment and killing enemies, you can create powerful consumables, bow ammo, and even explosives that can give you all sorts of powerful debuffs. Noble meat, pickled turtlenecks and fire bombs are some of the best items you can create with this system. For more information on crafting at Elden Ring, see our crafting guide.

8. Stealth Is Viable (Mostly)

Sekiro’s stealth mechanic appears in Elden Ring and is as useful in Landbit Wien as Ashina. Pressing the crouch button will reduce the noise of the character and make it harder to see. Hiding in the bush makes it almost invisible to the enemy.

By sneaking up behind the enemy, you can backstab the enemy and do great damage to defeat them. Sneak attack is a great way to wipe out camps of enemies and isolated enemies. If you are found, find a hiding place and wait a few seconds for the enemy to lose interest in you. This strategy is powerful, but stealth is not suitable for boss battles. If you want to backstab to become the oldest lord, rethink your strategy.

9. Pick A Spellcaster As Your Starting Class

Unlike previous FromSoftware games, spell catalysts are rare in early games. Glintstone staves only drop from rare enemies, and you can’t use the ring until you defeat the first major boss of the Elden Ring. If you want to be a spellcaster or a spellcaster, consider playing as a spellcaster class. Even if you don’t mind the magic, I recommend it. Spells are invaluable in Elden Ring and offer an unprecedented level of usefulness.

10. Mounted Combat Is A Game-Changer

Trents are more than just a way to avoid intermediate lands. Using mounts in combat is a game changer thanks to your incredible speed. You can easily dodge enemy attacks by landing multiple hits with a reliable weapon. Polearms and halberds are especially effective for this playstyle.

Remember that you can attack from either side of the torrent while riding the horse. Right-handed attacks point the weapon to the right, and left-handed attacks point to the left. Once you get used to mounting speed and attack control, you can defeat a group of enemies with one hand without scratching. Use torrents whenever possible, even in combat.

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