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Sending large files via email can be painful. In Many cases, the file is too large to be sent by email. You can try sending it as a zip file, but many companies prohibit files, and mail systems will not accept them. The simplest solution is to use file transfer software. In this article, I’m going to deeply analyze one of the best service providers.

  • What is Terashare
  • What does Terashare do?
  • What are the plans Terashare offers?
  • Is Terashare safe and Secure?
  • How you can get Terashare?
  • Terashare Review 2021 & beyond
    • What I like
    • What I don’t like
  • What are the top 8 alternatives for Terashare?

What is Terashare

Terashare is a lightweight file-sharing application. when you share a file, Terashare generates a unique secret link. The secret link allows other users to download the files directly from their computers.

What does Terashare do?

Terashare is unique because of its Bittorrent and cloud-based technology. According to Terashare, people can download large files directly from their computers. When sharing a mechanic file, Terashare provides a unique private link that you can share with your customers and download the file directly from your computer. Files smaller than 10Gb are stored on the Terashare server so customers can download the files at any time. Files larger than 10 Gb are available only if they are on your computer and the system is turned on. This service is completely free and remains free for future users.

What are the plans Terashare offers?

Well, sharing files and downloading is free. Terashare payment is made in full through advertising and download pages. According to the Terashare official website, it is free and will remain free for customers in the future.

Is Terashare safe and Secure?

TeraShare Service is easy to use, secure and there are no subscriptions or file size restrictions. Terashare is faster than other services because the recipient downloads the file directly from their PC. There is no need to wait for the upload to the cloud to complete.

How you can use Terashare?

You can simply start using the file transfer by clicking on the link:

Step 1: Right Click and share a folder

Credit: TeraShare

Step 2: Preparing your File (You can already send the link)

Credit: TeraShare

Step 3: All done waiting for the downloaders

Credit: TeraShare
TeraShare.net Home Screen

  • Terashare Review 2021 & beyond
  • What I like About TeraShare :

    It’s a great combination. I like the idea of such P2P filling sharing after 10Gb. Hopefully, it will et easier to use over time as Terashare is trying to target the masses.

    Terashare allows users to transfer files at high speed.

    What I don’t like about Terashare:

    Unfortunately, we could not find any user reviews for Terashare.com. This may mean that your domain has not yet been widely adopted or promoted, but it may be safe and promising.

    What are the top 5 alternatives for Terashare?

    Firefox Send anywhere

    Firefox Send anywhere is a popular application in the file-sharing category. It is an encrypted file transfer service that allows users to easily and securely share files from any browser, with Firefox send you can share files and data up to 1GB for free.

    Surge send

    Surge Send is another file transfer product that makes it easy to send large files. It has many features: file encryption, Super surge for faster downloads, Pause and resume more download and storage options with Surge pro, and more. Surge send allows you to use the features with all the compatible devices.

    Google Drive

    Google Drive is a file that stores and synchronizes activities. Google Drive was created on April 24, 2012, allowing users to store files on their servers, attach files to devices, and share.

    The 1TB package is available for 9.99 dollars per month or a one-time payment of 99.99 dollars per year. If you sign up for the year and make monthly payments, you will need to pay 119.88 dollars.

    We Transfer

    WeTransfer is an internet-based transfer of large computer files. It offers free basic services. One of the great features of this file transfer is that users can share files up to 2GB for free. However, the main disadvantage of WeTransfer is that sometimes files or data are lost or not downloaded correctly.


    HighTail is a project-built management tool for creating content, with features that allow you to upload large files and view content like: PDF, HTML, videos, and images, collect micro comments, assign tasks, track activities using the control panel. Hightail helps people of an organization to reduce the time it takes to review work, track projects, and make it easier for every team member, both inside and outside the organization.

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