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Are you looking for an alternative to SendThisFIle? in this article I’ll be telling you everything about SendthisFile and SendThisFile Alternative

Table of contents:

  • What is SendThisFile?
  • What are the plans SendThisFile Offers?
  • How Much does it cost you?
  • Technical Details and Features
  • Is SendThisFile Safe and Secure?
  • How you can get SendThisFile?
  • How to use SendThisFile
  • SendThisFile Review
    • What I like
    • What I don’t like
  • What are the top 10 alternatives for SendThisFile?
    • Firefox Send
    • Send anywhere
    • Surge send
    • Google Drive
    • We Transfer
    • TeraShare
    • Smash File Transfer
  • FAQs
    • SendThisFile file transfer for PC
    • SendThisFile API
    • SendThisFile File transfer Limit
    • How to sign up for SendThisFile
    • Who can use 

What is SendThisFile?

SendThisFile is a file-sharing solution designed to enable businesses to share files over the internet. Trusted by leading companies around the globe, including fortune 500 companies, SendThisFile allows users to quickly and securely share large files through a simple platform. Every file sent through the system has comprehensive encryption and security, so users can be confident every time they send or receive a file. Monitoring translation and keeping track of files is also a simple process.

What are the plans SendThisFile offers?

Multiple RecipientsHosted Filebox Multiple File boxesWebsite Integration
Multiple FilesDownload NotificationsEmbed On your website Multiple Users
Outlook PluginEmail & Filebox Customization Multiple Integration Pages
Change Notification Email Adress (SMTP)Export Audit logs
Advanced USer Access Control
SendThisFile Alternative table of Offers

How Much does it cost you?

Sendthisfile has 4 plans, Starter Professional, Business, and enterprises. Users can customize their plans as per their requirements.

Free Trial
SendThisFile Alternative Table of Plans

Sendthisfile has high security with AES-256 encryption for all the plans, including the free plan. Sendthisfile is using a SOC2 Certified data center. Paid plans give customers the option to use a password-protected download feature and the ability to set up their account to comply with HIPAA regulation or the EU-US privacy shield compliance. All the plans include 24/7 live chat and email support.

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SendThisFile Alternative
SendThisFile Alternative

Technical Details and Features

Technical Details Features
AES-256 EncryptionPassword Protection Download
PCI ComplianceCertified Data Center
Multiple FilesEmail & Filebox Customization
Download NotificationMultiple Fileboxes
Website IntegrationMultiple Interigration Pages
Advanced User Access ControlBest Customer Support
EU Safe Harbor ComplianceHIPAA Regulatory Configurable
SSAE16 & SAS70Hosted Filebox
Multiple RecipientsOutlook Plugin
Embed On Your WebsiteChange Notification Email Address
Multiple UsersExport Audit Log
SendThisFile Alternative Table Of features

Is SendThisFile Safe and Secure?

Sendthisfile is a confidential file-sharing provider. Sendthisfile keeps hackers away from the home for privacy. When it comes to sharing it, encryption is the best way to keep digital life secure from potential hackers. it protects the valuable information of the people by not letting anyone read, view, copy or distribute any of the personal information. With encryption, if anyone tries to display it in an unauthorized way, they will only see random characters that can not understand.

SendthisFile protects the transmitted data, in fact, this is of the utmost importance to their business. SendthisFile does not review data, share your email address, or resell any of the information. They only upload your data somewhere safe. They support and respect their client’s privacy and maintain a high level of integrity.

How to use Sendthisfile

SendThisFile Alternative
SendThisFile Alternative

SendThisFile Review:

What I like:

Security and encryption

When It comes to security, SendthisFile has no problem. As SendThisFile sing high-quality 256-bit encryption technology. It is one of the best encryption technologies available for secure online services.

User Interface and Ease of use

Sendthisfile has a more attractive interface with a nicer design. The user does not need to navigate from the home page to send a file.


Users do not need to download an application to access the sendThisFile Services and features.

Mobile Responsiveness

SendTHisFile is mobile compatible and can be adapted to any screen size. Therefore users can access online services and free file transfer services on the go from their mobile devices. Therefore, you don’t have to sit in front of your desktop device to use its services.

Customer Support

SendThisFile offers customer support services with experienced staff to help customers 24/7. Users can contact the SendThisFile by phone or email.

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What I Don’t LIke

  1. I’m not sure about the encryption server as they have not shared any detailed clarity on their websites. Therefore i do not send my sensitive documents.
  2. Uploading very large files can be slow.
  3. Not only in large files but in small size files, we found that the download times were slightly longer than usual.
  4. SendThisFile prevents you from uploading multiple files in a single operation. You need to send them separately.
  5. I wish all the accounts were free but I know that all good things have a price.

Note: What I don’t like in Smash file transfer review is my sole opinion, you may disagree with that.

What are the top 16 SendThisFile Alternative?

Are you looking for an alternative to SendThisFIle? Analyze choosing the best file-sharing software that offers similar benefits at a competitive price. Empower your team by selecting the best Sendthisfile competitors to meet the unique needs of your business.

1. ShareFile

Sharefile is a simple and easy-to-use document management software that gives you the confidence to plan, capture and retrieve documents in the best way possible way. It has the ability to share your files on a portable device.

2. Bitrix24

Bitrix is one of the best CRM programs that provides a platform for organizing and tracking interactions with potential or existing customers, partners, agents, and other contacts. The perfect collaboration platform from CRM. It has over 30 tools to help your business grow and enjoy teamwork.

3. Workplace from Facebook

Facebook Workplace is a popular web conferencing application that simplifies web conferencing. Workplace allows you to make HD video calls and connect to remote teams. you can also link this app to a tool you are already using.

5. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft 365 is a web conferencing tool that allows you to host web conferencing without compromising your privacy. this versatile software supports up to 10,000 users and lets you collaborate with anyone inside or outside your organization.

6. FileWhopper

A unique service that allows you to send files and folders of any size quickly and securely without any restrictions. The file is encrypted and password protected. Download while downloading. You do not have to buy a monthly subscription or storage. Only one-time charge based on file size.

7. Binfer

Binfer is a full-featured file-sharing software designed for small and medium businesses. Binfer Povides a complete solution desigend for web applications, This onlien sharing systen brings collaboration, encryption, audit trail, drag and drop and search/filtering in one place.

8. Quatrix

A secure file-sharing solution for confidential workflow and external collaboration. Send and receive data over aClean WAN with a web interface, SFTP access, and enterprise security and compliance feature such as single sign-on and activity audit trails.

9. WeTransfer

WeTransfer is a full-fearured file shareing designed to serve businesses and start-ups. WeTransfer provides a comple solution designed for windows, This online file sharing system provides workflow management in one place.

10. SamePage

Samepage is collaboration software that helps you manage your projects, share files, streamline information, and document. Samepage collaboration software is primarily designed to improve productivity within a group of people, more specifically within an organization.

11. Digital Pigeon

Digital Pigeion is a full-featured content management software desinged for small businesses and agencies. Digital Pigeon offers an end-to-end solution designed for web applications. this online content management syatem provides audit trails, vido content, document management, workflow amangemnent, and serch/ filtering o one place.

12. Cornerstone MFT Server

Cornerstone MFT Server is full-featured security management designed for startups and agencies. The cornerstone MFT server provides a comprehensive solution designed for windows. This online security management system provides file access control audit trails, two-factor authentication, web threat management, and real-time monitoring in one place.

13. Tresorit

Tresorit is a full-featured document management software designed for small and medium-sized businesses, Tresorit offers a complete solution designed for windows. This online document management system brings document management, offline access, collaboration tools, content management, and file recovery in one place.

14. FileCloud

FileCode is a full-featured document management software designed for small businesses, FileCloude provides an end-to-end solution designed for web applications. This online document management system provides audit trails collaboration tools, workflow management collaboration, and file recovery in one place.

15. Bynder

Bynder offers digital asset management solutions to help you leverage your marketing assets, even more, This global digital rights management software really improves the user experience and makes it easier to use, Ease of use is a top priority for many buyers, and this application provides a robust and flexible platform that meets expectations.

16. Seafile

Seafile is a full-featured file-sharing software designed for small businesses and agencies. Seafile provides a complete solution for web applications. this online file-sharing system brings access control/ authorization, collaboration, audit trails, document management, and encryption in one place.

Note: SendThisFile Alternative which I have mentioned above are in my opinion are the best SendThisFile Alternative out there in the market, you may disagree with them.

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1. SendThisFile file transfer for PC

Of course, SendThisFile is available for desktop and for mobile users.

2. What is SendThisfile Maximum file size Transfer Limit?

maximum file size

SendthisFile solves large file sharing problems by allowing you to send up to 2 Gb in size.

3. How to sign up for SendThisFile ?

You can simply sign up for SendThisFile by clicking on the link

4. Who can use 

Anyone can use this large file-sharing site, as long as either the sender’s email address or the recipient’s email address is on Emerson’s list of valid domains

5. Is sending this file free?

Yes! it’s Partially free.

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