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Computer games have evolved over the years, but today you can see many games with high quality graphics that are truly blessed to the eye. High-end hardware is required to run these types of games. Of course, if you’re running hugely expensive high-end hardware, you need to know the Optimum Temps for CPU and GPU While Gaming?

To maintain the long life of the equipment, the temperature must be stable. Many users are faced with various types of errors and problems that are somehow related to temperature issues. For example, if you use the processor at high temperature for a long time, you may experience a “blue screen”.

The big question that comes up here is what is the optimal CPU and GPU temperature for the game, and how to maintain the optimal temperature during the game. That is, the optimal CPU temperature for games should not exceed 80 ° C (176 ° F) and, under normal use, 75 ° -80 ° C (167 ° -176 ° F). Hmm.

If you want to know how to keep CPU and GPU temperature during the game, don’t worry. In this post you can find the best way to check and monitor CPU and GPU temperatures.

Optimum Temps for CPU and GPU While Gaming
Optimum Temps for CPU and GPU While Gaming

Choosing the Best Optimum Temps for CPU and GPU While Gaming

Whenever we talk about a processor, it doesn’t matter if it’s for games or office. Only two major manufacturers appear in the human mind. Intel and AMD. Go back to the topic and choose the one that works best for your game in terms of performance and temperature.

However, before starting, the optimum temperature of the game processor must not exceed 176 ° F (80 ° C) and is limited to 167 ° -176 ° F (167 ° -176 ° F) during normal use. I need to tell you that it must not be exceeded 75 ° -80 ° C).

Both companies offer top-notch processors in their flagship gaming category and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of both. Speaking of Intel, Core series and AMD have Ryzen series. The Intel Core i9 is the latest addition to the CPU model, and speaking of AMD, there is the Ryzen-9 series like the AMD Ryzen 3950X.

Both series are for high-end games, and this post describes how to control the CPU temperature and some tweaks to keep the CPU cool.

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How to Keep your CPU Cool?

Optimum Temps for CPU and GPU While Gaming
Optimum Temps for CPU and GPU While Gaming

Here are some ways to cool the processor to the optimum temperature.

  • Clean the fan (a dusty fan can be a major cause of high temperatures. To avoid this, just clean the fan weekly or monthly to keep the CPU fan dust-free. I can.
  • Install a new CPU fan (older fans can make it difficult to keep the CPU temperature and you won’t like it if the CPU fails due to the fan. The best fan available for your CPU If you’re looking for a market, you can also check out our post.) (If you have a post, add a link to the post)
  • Install a water cooling kit (if you can’t cool your CPU with all of the above, you need to install a water cooling kit on your CPU. Water cooling is more useful than any CPU cooler and is relatively affordable.

Average GPU Temperatures And Some Tweaks

The most important component of PC games is the GPU or video card. Without a graphics card to play the game, high quality graphics and smooth gameplay are not possible.

As mentioned in the CPU section, the GPU category is also dominated by two giants, AMD and NVIDIA. Both companies have established themselves in a strong market and offer some of the best GPUs. AMD recently released the latest additions to the Radeon RX series. Speaking of NVIDIA, there are RTX series from RTX 2060 to the recently released 3090. Also, the newly released RTX 30 series is worth the purchase. Option to invest over $ 1000 on GPU alone.

Let’s move on to the main points and discuss the optimal temperature of the video card during the game for both manufacturers.

For the AMD Radeon RX series, the temperature should not exceed 110 degrees Celsius, and for the NVIDIA RTX series, the GPU temperature should remain at 93 degrees Celsius.

How to Optimize Your GPU Temperature?

If your GPU provides temperatures above these, you will need to configure gpu temperature range, the settings listed below.

  • Clean the GPU fan and heatsink (it looks very simple and easy, but it’s a very effective setup. You may be able to cool it down just by cleaning the GPU to remove dust).
  • Change the system case (the main reason why the CPU and GPU get hot may be the case, but the bottleneck will eventually limit the air flow and the temperature will rise a few degrees. Your system , And you can check out our post on the best CPU cases available on the market) (add a link to any of your posts)
  • Use GPU utilities (GPU software such as MSI Afterburner can be used to speed up the fan, which keeps the GPU cool and many users experience low temperatures after this adjustment. Try this setting to cool down GPU temperature range .
  • Avoid overclocking (Overclocking is one of the main causes of high GPU temperature. You can avoid it by simply resetting the settings to defaults. GPU overclocking helps improve performance but is not recommended by vendors, as it not right practice for marinating safe CPU temp while gaming
  • Use a thermal paste (replacement of the thermal paste will help solve this problem. It is advisable to replace the thermal paste as it ages over time. Do not try to do it yourself We recommend hiring an experienced person to do the work.

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How to track your GPU/CPU temperatures?

We’ve already discussed the possible causes of high temperatures and how to fix them on both the CPU and GPU. If you’re thinking about how to control your pace and idle, don’t worry.

There are many ways to see the actual CPU / GPU temperature, but in this post we’ll look at the most effective and easiest way to get the results you need.

1. Using Bios

This is the easiest way to get the actual temperature of the CPU without wasting time downloading third party apps, which is to access the motherboard BIOS. If you don’t know how to enter the BIOS, don’t worry. Describes how to access the BIOS.

  • Reboot the system
  • On some systems, press the DEL or F10 key to access the BIOS.

2. Using the GPU/CPU software

This is the most detailed way to get the actual results. You can test your pace by simply downloading the vendor-provided utility.

AMD users can use the Ryzen Master Utility to get a detailed overview of CPU temperature, and for GPUs they can get information from the AMD Control Center.

For Intel CPU owners, Intel offers the Intel Extreme Configuration Utility, which gives users all the information they need about their CPU, including timing. Currently, NVIDIA doesn’t have any dedicated software to help users track GPU information, but don’t worry. You can always get results using third-party software.

3. Using Third-Party software

If the above methods do not work, we recommend that you use a third-party application to meet all your needs. There is a lot of software to get CPU / GPU temperature information. Below are some of the best software available on the market.

  • Hardware monitor
  • Open hardware monitor
  • AIDA 64
  • MSI Afterbeler
  • Rain gauge
  • Main temperature


In this post, I’ve covered everything from the beginning on how to check the temperature and how to fix it in case of high fever. Optimal temperatures may vary from supplier to supplier and it is recommended that no supplier exceed 95 degrees Celsius.

The simplest but most important question that everyone asks is “Does CPU / GPU temperature affect performance?”

Temperature affects CPU / GPU life, but the simple answer to this question is no. Also, if you want the device to last longer, you need to maintain the temperature when idle. Exceeding this value will result in significant loss of equipment.

We hope that the settings we provide will help you solve the problem. that’s all. If you have any questions, please leave a comment in the comments section below.

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