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Table of contents:

  • What is Hightail?
  • What are cloud storage services?
  • What does Hightail do?
  • How Much does it cost you?
  • How you can get OpenText Hightail?
  • Is OpenText Hightail Safe and Secure?
  • What are the plans Hightail offers?
  • Technical Details and Features
  • What are the top 10 alternatives for Hightail?
    • Firefox Send
    • Send anywhere
    • Surge send
    • Google Drive
    • We Transfer
  • Hightail Review
    • What I like
    • What I don’t like
    • Some issues users faced over the years
  • FAQs
    • Hightail access code
    • Hightail File Transfer Limit
    • How to sign up for Hightail?
    • How to Cancel Hightail Subscription
    • How to upload a file to Hightail?
    • How to send and create a collaboration space via Hightail?

What is Hightail?

OpenText Hightail is a creative validation and validation technology solution for marketing and creative teams that develop compelling visual content. Hightail is a cloud-based solution that allows teams to share files, view reviews, and approve content in one place, streamlining the creative process and helping teams deliver creative content for marketing campaigns in a timely manner.

What are cloud storage services?

A cloud storage service is a cloud computing service that allows you to store, edit and retrieve data from remote cloud storage servers on the Internet under a service computing model.

What does Hightail do?

Hightail allows users to quickly upload files from their computer or import files from cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive. Hightail determines who gets the shared content and protects your work with security settings such as passcodes, protected links, and expiration dates. Hailtail allows users to create personal “outbound link URLs” so that anyone can download and share the file withput actully having a Hightail account.

How Much does it cost you?

Hightail offers four different file sharing subscription levels with different file upload and storage limits. The free Lite plan allows you to upload files up to 100 MB each and has a storage limit of 2 GB. The Pro plan starts at $ 15 per month and you can download individual files up to 25GB each. Group plans start at $ 30 per user per month, and you can upload individual files up to 50GB each. Business plans starting at $ 45 per user per month can upload individual files up to 500GB each. Unlimited storage is provided to professionals, teams, and business plans.

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How you can get OpenText Hightail?

You can open Hightail from your web browser to share files. There is also integration with mobile apps and other services. As long you have an internet connection it does not matter whether you’re using Mac, Windows, or another operating system.

you can easily access hightails easily wherever you want.

You Can Visit Hightail Website
You Can download Hightail for IOS
You Can download Hightail for android

Is OpenText Hightail Safe and Secure?

All transmitted data is encrypted using SSL / TLS 1.2 or higher for 256 forward secrecy devices. File titles are dynamically encrypted. The data is encrypted during transport and at rest. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a security technology standard for establishing encrypted connections between servers and users.

What are the plans OpenText Hightail offers?

OpenText Hightail has 4 plans, Free, Pro, Teams, and Business. Users can customize their file-sharing size limit by plan.

PlansFeesSize Limit
LiteFreeUp to 100MB
Pro $12/monthUp to 25 GB
Teams $24/monthUp to 50GB
Business $36/monthUp to 500GB
Plans OpenText Hightail offers

Technical Details and Features of OpenText Hightail

Technical Details Features
AES-256 EncryptionPassword Protection Download
PCI ComplianceCertified Data Center
Multiple FilesEmail & Filebox Customization
Download NotificationMultiple Fileboxes
Website IntegrationMultiple Interigration Pages
Advanced User Access ControlBest Customer Support
EU Safe Harbor ComplianceHIPAA Regulatory Configurable
SSAE16 & SAS70Hosted Filebox
Multiple RecipientsOutlook Plugin
Embed On Your WebsiteChange Notification Email Address
Multiple UsersExport Audit Log
OpenText Hightail

What are the top 10 Alternatives & Competitors for Hightail?

The following online checkout software solutions are the most common alternative for users and reviewers to compare to Hightail. Online verification software is a widely used technology, and many people are looking for powerful and sophisticated software solutions with web interfaces, file type support, and file tracking. Other important factors to consider when investigating Hightail alternatives include customer service and files. We’ve compiled a list of Hightail’s best alternatives and solutions reviewed by reviewers as competitors, including Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive for Business, Box, and Citrix ShareFile.

1. Dropbox

Dropbox is a seamless cloud storage software solution that allows you to seamlessly sync files across platforms and easily share them with popular teams and co-editors. It’s been around for years so its really a rustworty.

2. Google Drive

With Google Drive, anyone with a Google account can store up to 15GB in the cloud. Users can upload documents, photos, etc. to their free personal drive.


MEGA is a free cloud storage with convenient, reliable and lasting privacy features. Get 50GB for free now.

4. WeTransfer

WeTransfer is the easiest way to send files around the world. Share large files up to 2GB for free.

5. Free account

Free account. Send large files that are too large for email. Highly reliable and easy to use. There is no file size limit. Ability to embed in your site.

6. OneDrive

OneDrive for Business is a software application that makes it easy to manage and share documents from anywhere and collaborate in real time between your favorite devices. Equipped with collaboration tools, users can access up to 1TB of storage space at a reasonable price.

7. FileTransfer

With FileTransfer, you can securely share files up to 6GB with family, colleagues, or friends for free and securely. The file will remain uploaded for 3 weeks. You can send a download link to the recipient’s email directly from the website.

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8. SendGB

Free file transfer service up to 5GB. Registration is not required. SendGB saves files for up to 90 days! Unlimited downloads. Password protected translation! Email notification for each transmission. There is no upload or download speed limit.

9. Send files

Send files allow users to send unlimited size from A to B to C. No complicated installation or any registration required.

10. Digital Pigeon

Share digital media with clients quickly, reliably and beautifully. Digital Pigeon is a leading file distribution service for digital media producers, creative studios, advertising and marketing agencies.

11. Attachmore

Use Attachmore to upload, send, and share with others. Share videos, documents, photos and other large families with family and like-minded friends. All of these files are simply sent via email, instant messaging, or social media.

12. Jumbo Mail

A cloud file transfer service that sends large files up to 5GB for free or with a download code of up to 20GB. Jumbo Mail has its own features. You can view shared files on the Internet before downloading in the online media gallery on the download page.

13. SynaMan

SynaMan is an ideal remote file transfer / sharing solution for both individual and enterprise users, the cost of transferring files of any type and size to any machine running different operating systems quickly and easily. We provide a highly effective method.

14. Citrix ShareFile

Industry-leading collaboration and communication applications for on-site and remote workgroups. This allows users to create boards with a variety of powerful pillars. This flexibility allows the software to allow teams to run any type of project. This platform easily integrates with third-party applications for ease of implementation.

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15. iCloud

iCloud doesn’t just store content. You can access music, photos, calendars, contacts, documents, and more from the device you’re working on. And it’s built into every new iOS device and every new Mac.

16. Egnyte

Egnyte offers the only state-of-the-art content platform customized for your business. Egnyte provides IT professionals with centralized file management and protection, giving users quick access to content no matter where or how they work.

17. Trello

Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes projects into cards and boards. Trello tells you at a glance what they’re working on, who’s working on it, and where something is being processed.

18. Box

Box allows you to store all your content online so you can access, manage, and share it from anywhere. Integrate Box with Google Apps and Salesforce to access Box on your mobile device.

Hightail Pros & Cons /Review

What I Like

  1. Great security options for protecting your files Document delivery confirmation is a huge boon for communications
  2. Good service
  3. Schedule out files to transcriptionists
  4. easy to track when files are delivered/downloaded
  5. Ideal for a non-tech person
  6. retrieve customers files without having to login or create an account
  7. online video platform for business marketing.
  8. it provides custom links helps easy to share files.

What I Don’t Like

  1. Users can’t see file size when uploading Requires receiving users to download the files Collaboration features are very limited
  2. No Project Notifications
  3. App is horrendously buggy

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