Naraka: Bladepoint release date & everything we know so far

The battle royale is coming later this summer

The New Battle Royale game Naraka Bladepoint offers gameplay that is vastly different compared to its BR partners like Fortnight and Warzone. Instead of running around looking for guns, choose from a team of martial arts experts and dive into battle with swords, skills, and archery. The map, Morus Island, is designed with vertical movement in mind-players can expand the landscape with hooks, or jump nicely from the branches and can also jump from rooftops to nicely escape or slide upon an enemy.

Naraka: Bladepoint offers incredibly deep customization for every look of your character. No reason to settle for Viper Ning who is like all others. You can’t adjust the character’s body shape so you should always be able to recognize the silhouette of your enemies, but you can interfere with everything else. You can even import files that look like someone else or upload a photo for your own face. isn’t it great!


Naraka Bladepoint’s release date is August 12, 2021.

Earlier the release date was 3 November 2020.

The Naraka Bladepoint demo is live and ended 22 July; it’s the last beta for the final version.

Naraka: Bladepoint Reveal Trailer
Naraka: Bladepoint Is a Battle Royale for Fighting Game Fans


Unlike other Battle Royale games, Naraka Blade point is not free. It can now be pre-ordered in the Epic Game Store and on Steam. There are three versions available: Standard, Luxury, and Ultimate, each offering different bonuses.


We have six Naraka Bladepoint playable characters so far. You can use Naraka Blade point character customization to create or import your own creations. each character has their own special ability and skills.

Traka Ji- A hero with “relentless spirits”, with two great loves: freedom and drinking.

Feeder- A murderer who “returns under the ruins” like a terrible devil”

Viper Ning- “Master of the blind blade in West Kunlun”, her blood is very precious.

Temulch- “The gray wolf”, A seeker of glory who seeks to pay homage to the “Ancestors” of “Legends”

Tsuchimikado kurumi- “flower of Heliot”, A descendent of Onmyoji Masters

Tianhai- A man who turns into a Vajra titanic Warrior”

Yoto Hime- a player of the “Devil’s blade”, Who feels very guilty about the blood she sheds.

Badass Weapons Naraka Bladepoint

There are several Naraka Bladepoint weapons, both melee and range. the are:

Naraka Bladepoint’s weapons

Melee: Slea, katana, GreatSword

Classifieds: Bow, Cannon, repetitive Crossbow, Musket, Logalog, Pistol, Buzz (Gun with arrow)

More weapons and characters will be revealed as the beta progresses, so we could add them to this list. until then, you can improve the basics of Our Naraka Bladepoint beginner’s guild, or practice jumping around in the air with the best Parkour skill set.


What is naraka Bladepoint available on?

Naraka: Bladepoint is now available on PC from Steam and the Epic Games Store. For other platforms, we just confirmed via IGN that the PS5 version will be “coming soon”, but will be coming to other consoles at some stage.

How many GB is Naraka: Bladepoint?

20 GB Storage: 20 GB available space.

How much does Blade Point Naraka cost?

The base version of Naraka Bladepoint is priced at $ 19.99. You can also buy the other two editions. The Deluxe Edition is $ 34.99 and the Ultimate Edition is $ 49.99. There is no subscription to the game, so you can buy as many Naraka Bladepoints as you like with just one purchase.

Is it worth buying Blade Point Naraka?

Yes! If you buy it, you will face hackers, if you rank up, you have many hackers in every game. As far as I know, hacks are not detected by what their current anti-cheat is

NARAKA Blade point: Why is Naraka BLADE POINT not free?

Nara Kaori: Bladepoint cannot be played for free at the time of release. I understand why players think so. With lots of small betas and plenty of time to test the game for free, the player assumed that the full version was the same and would run on a model similar to Splitgate.

NARAKA: Is BLADEPOINT a mobile version?

NetEase has announced another platform for Naraka. Bladepoint is a battle royale game focused on melee attacks, this time for Android and iOS platforms.

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