How much middle-class bride spend on Indian wedding dresses?

How much middle-class bride spend on Indian wedding dresses? The definition of Middle-class itself is very wide as per the Indian, there can not be a precise answer. As Indians tend to spend a lot of money on this once-a-lifetime occasion. however, according to the study a simple middle-class marriage costs around 1-15 lakh, depending o the caste/community families belong to, and on the city. 


Indian weddings are full of different colorful dresses, for the groom and the bride, after all, it’s one of the most awaited occasions of their lives. So, I made a list of the pre and post-wedding ceremonies, where princesses spend their King’s money on.


  1. Ring ceremony

Deemed one of the most well-connected pre-wedding ceremonies not only in Hindu weddings but in other religions as well. This event takes place a few months or days prior to the wedding, also known as Mangani, Sagai, Engagement Ceremony. Ring ceremony involves the groom’s family giving their words to the bride’s family that they’re going to accept their daughter and will be responsible for her future endeavors and happiness.

Now, I should be telling you the expenses that a father has to bear just to put a smile on his daughter’s face.

Buying designer clothes and jewelry for every family member can be a little expensive for a middle-class Father.

A Safe estimate for embellishing oneself with a designer bridle would cost anywhere between Rs. 45,000 to 60,000, while the cost for the jewelry would be around Rs. 1,00,000

2. Sangeet Ceremony

WoW! The Sangeet, is where the party begins. The “Sangeet” means “Music night”, it’s one of the prime functions of an Indian wedding. The group of girls from each side of the family gather together to sing traditional songs pretending to be bride and groom. The performance of the family, friends, and the couple to make this ritual a grand one. Songs include jokes about in-laws, about the bride leaving her home, on the shy groom, about how to have success after wedding life. The importance of the Sangeet” is not only to enjoy but connect with the families as well so that they can familiarize themselves with one another.

Okay! Okay! the expenses.

You would be wearing a lehenga on most of your wedding functions! So, if you are planning to wear a lehenga again on your Sangeet, then please drop that idea and look for other outfits that are in vogue. If you want an elegant traditional look for your Sangeet then Saree can be your best friend, and of course, Sharara & Gharara Sets.

Hmm! this time it’s very packet-friendly, Saare or Sharara & Gharara Sets can cost you between 10,000 to 20,000, including decent jewelry.

You can check some ideas here:

You can thank me later uncle(Bride’s father)


3.  Shaadi (Wedding)


Buying a wedding dress is one of the defining details of your special day. Yep! this can be an expensive purchase. A standard wedding cost depends on many factors, such as the bridal style, alteration, designer, and some additional add-ons. I know we’re on a limited budget and we can not afford to buy one.

So, how much does a wedding dress cost today?

According to a recent survey, which surveyed over 12,000 Indian couples who got married in 2019, said they purchased the average wedding dress which cost in 2019 was 35,000-1,10,000.

Bride’s designer lehenga, etc. would cost between 50,000 to 1,00,000 INR.

Groom’s sherwani, suit, etc. would cost between 20,000 to 80,000 rupees whereas Bride’s designer lehenga may range from 50,000 to 1 lakh rupees. While Indian families tend to spend lavishly on jewelry during the wedding. Therefore, the amount of jewelry can vary from family to family.

middle-class bride spend on Indian wedding

4.  Reception


Reception is a post-wedding ceremony, is basically a way of introducing the bride to the groom’s community. This event has no mandatory rituals to be followed, in fact, the ceremony comes packed with dancing, music, and a lot of food.

If you’re one of the girls who like to experiment with your wardrobe, then keep your lehenga aside and go for the elegant gown. 


Please explore the below-mentioned link for gown ideas (middle-class bride spend on Indian wedding)


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