Kung-Fu game Sifu, Story so far, release date Ps5 Ps4 and PC /Trailer/Gameplay

Table of contents:

  • Sifu story so far
  • Sifu game combat and gameplay trailer
  • Sifu Game inspiration
  • Is one Life is enough for Sifu
  • What is sifu means in martial arts
  • Top 8 Similar games like Sifu
  • Announcement and release date
  • Player selection
  • PC specs and requirement

Sifu story so far

The young Kung-fu student sets out to take revenge for his family when he got to know that his family was mysteriously assassinated by five masters. Players hunt killers in many parts of a fictional Chinese city, walk the streets full of gangs and fight enemies in corporate towers that pierce the clouds that form the city’s skyline.

Magic pendent saves the character from death, but at a cost. Our hero live to fight another day but have been away from their lives for years. Each time a student dies, he gets even older, exposing new skills along the way. Players can experience this journey Sifu game will be available on PS5 and PS4 by Epic Games Store, this year 2021 on unspecified days.

Also, Sloclap team has not announced anything specific for PC gamers. Hopefully, this game will come for PC users too.

Sifu game combat and gameplay trailer

A Kung Fu- inspired 3D fighter, Sifu could prepare players to fight enemies with their fists, legs, and improvised equipment such as bottles and pipes at the scene. Game environments themselves will play an important role in dealing with enemy groups, as players can hit enemies below or alongside. Players might want to position themselves properly and get all the benefits they want in overcoming obstacles.

Here’s more from Sloclap’s description:

Sifu’s unique gameplay sits in the crossroads of two established and popular genres, mashing the intensity and timeless thrill of beat-em-ups with the gripping design of 3D character action games. Set against a detailed backdrop of a fictional Chinese city, you will uncover an ancient mystery via a series of difficult confrontations that will test your skills to their limit. To overcome the odds that are heavily stacked against you, you’ll need to rely on your mastery of Kung Fu, and on a magical pendant that will revive you after death. The cost of magic is dear, however, and you will age significantly every time you come back to life: time is the price you will pay for your revenge.

Sifu Game inspiration

As is obvious from a have a glance at the sports trailer, sifu is closely impressed by Kung-Fu and martial arts cinema. In a discussion with IGN, co-founders of Sloclap, Pierre Tarno, and Jordan Layani referred to Jackie Chan’s filmography, the 1981 Hong Kong martial arts movie The prodigal son, Marital arts motion pictures like The Raid and Ong Bak as among the inspirations behind the Sifu designs.

Is one Life is enough for Sifu

The day of the sweep has finally arrived, and our hero will take down the killers one by one, without letting anyone stand in his way. to overcome adversities against him, he will rely on his kung fu skills and a magical pendant that will revive him after death. However, this spell comes at a cost: our hero ages every time comes back to life.

How long can you live before you start your search again? Is one life is enough for Kung-Fu?

Well, careful positioning and maximum use of the environment are essential for your survival in the game as you become older there are chances that you will die and you’ll need to restart your game from the beginning. Therefore, use everything you have at your disposal:: weapons, windows, doors.. the odds are against you and there will be no mercy.

Kung Fu is a path for inner peace. So try to learn from your mistakes, unlock master skills, and find strength within you to master the destructive techniques of Pak-mei Kung-Fu.

What is Sifu means in martial arts?

Sifu is a Cantonese term for “teacher” and also has the connotation of “father”. It is a title that denotes respect towards the person addressed as Sifu. This title is commonly used in the Chinese martial arts, the equivalent of the Japanese “Sensei”

Announcement and release date

Sifu will release on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and on PC by the Epic games, February 22, 2022.

Release Date trailer Sifu

Character selection

Players can select Characters between male and female. This going to be unique in terms of the Kung-fu fighting experience.

PC specs and requirement

  • CPU: Core i5-7300U 3.5 GHZ
  • RAM: 8GB
  • OS: Windows 7 Or above
  • VIdeo Card: NVIDIA GeForce FTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870 or Equivalent DX11 GPU
  • PIXEL Shader:5.0

Top 8 Similar games like Sifu

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People instilled fear and respect in this person known as the “Hand of God”. Legend has it that whoever wipes such hands has immense power that can turn him into a deity or a demon.

We will be transported to a small town full of superhuman thugs. A tough wanderer named Jean finds his way through this troubled region and protects a woman surrounded by a violent mob. Despite his valiant efforts, Jin is overpowered by these thugs and his right arm is severed before passing out. He later wakes up to find that his member is intact again and that he is now the owner of the legendary Hand of God. The burden of driving out the demonic legions seeking the right hand of God begins soon.

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