Join Mr. Wackadoo’s Writing Team! Jobs are open for fun-seeking people.

We are hiring!

We want this blog to continue to be a great resource, however, we’re not able to cover all the amazing ideas out there, and that is why we’ve decided to expand the team. This year we’ll be taking on a small group of bloggers to create engaging content, inspire would-be blogger, and grow alongside Mr. Wackadoo.

Our main audience is made up of 18-40year olds, of which 60% are female and 40% are male. We are looking for bloggers to produce articles that cover interesting destinations, offer travel tips, life style and share your mind-blasting reviews on upcoming products.

If this sounds like you, read on!


  • Must be a English speaker or have near native fluency
  • 2+ years of blogging or online writing experience
  • Ability to write down 2 blog posts per month, and one should commit to join the team for a 6 month period
  • Strong photography skills are a must for travel blogs (experience shooting with a DSLR preferred)
  • Articles must be amid by your own photography (or sourced and credited photos when appropriate)
  • Knowledge of WordPress and SEO
  • Excellent spelling and grammar
  • Ability to fact-check and do research when required
  • Must be ready to meet regular deadlines while working independently
  • Resonance with That’s brand and voice

How to apply

Please send an email with the subsequent details:

  • short paragraph about yourself listing: the regions you’d wish to write, relevant experience, and what do you think of this position for which you want to work.
  • 3 examples of articles you’ve already written
  • 3 ideas for blog posts you’d like to contribute to Mr. Wackadoo’
  • Links to examples of your photography
  • Links to your social media channels


These positions are on a freelance basis. Writers will be paid via PayPal per published article. Rates and specifics are going to be discussed with potential candidates.

Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis.