#Elden Ring: How To Revive NPCs In Elden Ring

Did you get angry or accidentally offend or kill an NPC in Elden Ring? Here’s how to revive them and fix the situation:

Like its predecessor, Elden Ring gives you the freedom to attack most NPCs you encounter in the vast open world. This can have some implications. Whether you deliberately search for NPCs or accidentally press the attack button during a conversation, you may be able to resolve the issue. so, How To get Celestial Dew & Revive NPCs In Elden Ring.

However, keep in mind that not all NPCs will allow or resurrect your actions, depending on the character. However, if you need an angry or dismissed NPC, try this method as a last resort.


Elden Ring has the option of asking for forgiveness, allowing you to make angry NPCs friends again or resurrect some of the dead. However, not all NPCs are treated equally, and some NPCs die no matter how many times they ask for pardon. However, when it comes to forgiving you to NPCs and stopping getting angry with you, this method usually works (the reason NPCs are dissatisfied with you was in the process of the story or quest line. If it has nothing to do with the decision).

To try this method, you must first go to the Promised Church and use the Celestial Dew on the statue of Mrs. Renara to request forgiveness. If you commit cheating, you can follow the steps and (hopefully) make amends with the NPCs that are currently angry with you. See below for directions to the Church of Oath!

How to Reach the Church of Vows

There are several ways to reach the Promised Church, but most of the time people encounter it using the teleporter at the Paradise Academy in Lucaria. For the purposes of this guide, it’s exactly what we cover, but you can also go northwest from the artist’s hut in Northern Liurnia.

After completing the Red Wolf of Radagon boss battle in the Lucaria Paradise Legacy Dungeon, you will have access to the Debate Hall, the location of Grace, the starting point for reaching the teleporter. Once in the discussion room, go outside and go to the right side of the area to see the large spiral staircase. Then jump up the stairs, jumping to the beam that connects the ladder to the current land. Watch out for large rocks that roll down the stairs on a regular basis. They can be easily avoided, but they can surprise many at first.

Climb the stairs and you’ll be in a room with two exits, north and east. Take the exit on the right and find the teleporter on the balcony. Take the teleporter and immediately warp to the Oath Church.However, keep in mind that after teleporting to the Church of the Promises, the teleport will not return. This means you need to quickly return to Grace’s location, the Debate Hall, to continue your journey into the Legacy Dungeon. But when you get here, take a break at Grace Church and talk to Milliel, a giant turtle meadow, to get a brief description of the location. Then you are ready to seek forgiveness of your sins. As long as it meets the requirements.

How To Request Absolution

Before requesting a pardon, you must first meet some requirements. First, you need the  Celestial Dew (the next section describes how to get it). You also need to infuriate or kill NPCs and demand Absolution. Otherwise, when you try to perform the procedure, you will see the message “No forgiveness required”.

However, if you commit a heinous crime in Interland, you will be presented with an “Atone” option that removes the crime you may have committed. As mentioned earlier, this will bring all the NPCs that are bothering you back to normal. Unless the reason they bother you is due to the quest line or story you were following. Also, cold-blooded and accidentally killed NPCs will be resurrected, but no one knows who can or cannot be resurrected, but the main NPCs and shopkeepers seem to be the most common.

Celestial Dew Locations

Celestial Dew is the material needed to request forgiveness in the Promised Church and can be accessed in a variety of ways. You can buy from a specific number of vendors or find them in the gap while exploring. Below is a list of locations and vendors that own Celestial Dew.


Nomadic MerchantAinsel River7,500 Runesx1
Pidia, Carian ServantCaria Manor5,000 Runesx1


Uhl Palace RuinsThere will be a ledge that overlooks the palace ruins with a corpse hanging off it. The item is located on the body.
Nokron, Eternal CityDescend to the bottom of the ruin found in Nokron, Eternal City, to find a corpse in the corner of a room. The Celestial Dew is located on the corpse.
Night’s Sacred GroundWhen traveling up the long road in Night’s Sacred Ground, keep your eyes peeled for a body on the side of the road. Loot the corpse to obtain a vial of Celestial Dew.
Nokstella, Eternal CityWhen exploring Nokstella, Eternal City, you will come across ruins with a corpse underneath them. Search the body to obtain the item.

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