Future of Wearable Technology in India

It almost guaranteed certainty is that the next era of mankind will be Wearable Technology, which Feels Like Skin.

The definition of the Wearable technology

There is a lot of hype for wearable devices these days, Wearables are electronic devices that will be worn over the body and have some useful advantages. they can perform certain computing tasks similar to what Smartphones can do. They promise potentially great impact in fields like health, fitness, and entertainment.

Wearables have found increased acceptance within the Western world, according to the Price Waterhouse Coopers Wearables future Report- in 2014, where one out of every five American adults owned wearables devices. However, wearables technology hasn’t met with the same success in the Indian market yet, but some tech experts stated that the Indian wearable market will grow in the future. The focus of our article will be studying the contributing and inhibiting factors for the adoption of wearable tech in India.


Currently, fitness trackers and smartwatches are the most popular wearables. However, there is various other types of wearables tech which are still under the pipeline. Wearables can be categorized into fivetypes-

  1. Implantable
  2. Smart wristwear
  3. Smart jewelry
  4. Head-mounted Displays
  5. Smart Clothing

Future of Wearable Technology in India

Future of Wearable Technology in India

Today, in the digital revolution happening around us, there exist many industries in which Wearable Technology can be applied. The devices which can be worn for an extended period of your time enhancing customer satisfaction by delivering the value it has promised can be achieved by the following means. These devices should be smart and be connected to the internet to provide a seamless experience along with a basic independent processing power that enables it to present information in an ambient way, instead of just presenting the user with an entire raw data dump which can lead to cognitive overload and reduced usage of the device for a long time.

The key is to create value on the basis of daily usage and the users should not be interrupted in the implementation of their tasks. Feedback should be subtle and least obstructive to form it easier and convenient for the user to process the info at his own leisure. Wearables have the extra advantage of having the sensory data to determine what’s the user’s overall state of mind – if he’s stressed or relaxed, and can provide the most appropriate response accordingly. As discussed, the privacy of this very personal data has got to be ensured and personalization should be provided such that the user feels a better connection with the way the data is presented. Templates, while easy for the developers to make, are not what the customer wants, and wearables should provide as many delighters as possible to ensure customer loyalty.

Wearable tech is currently at the peak of its “Hype Cycle” predicts Gartner, an IT analyst firm. Many other reports indicate a CAGR of greater than 50% for the adoption of wearable technology, and only time will tell if they will really be breakthrough products or just become another niche market by the end of the day. However, Amazon launched its first wearables store recently, thus creating a new product category of ‘wearable devices’ for the average consumer.

The Indian ecosystem is simply experiencing the arrival of wearable technology and while the initial focus is especially on the fitness and healthcare sector, where the wearable device tracks and provides the data points regarding the health of the user, there is tons of scope for innovation within the existing line – like gamification, introducing social incentives to encourage community/group adoption also building an augmented product by providing a comprehensive set of services and charging depend on usage.


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