Elden Ring Stats Explained

Elden Ring has a lot of stats to level up and gives you a bigger advantage than the residents of The Lands Between. Here is a complete summary!

Like its predecessor, Elden Ring provides players with currency and experience by killing enemies, selling items, and using consumables, including runes. Use runes to level up your starting class stats, increasing your health, stamina, magic pool, and equipping heavier armor and weapons. Today I’ll explain the core elden ring stats explained.

It’s possible to change specs with Elden Ring, but it’s important to first level up the stats that are important to your build. Spellcasters will want to increase their faith or intelligence, and warriors with two-handed swords will want to increase their strength statistics. Let’s take a look at how these statistics work and the illnesses you can expect to find in Lands Between.

Elden Ring Core Stats Explained

elden ring stats explained
elden ring explained

Before we talk about what your attributes do, we first need to discuss the main characteristics of your character. As Tarnished, we have three resources: HP, FP, and Stamina.

  • HP is your effective health pool. When this stat drops to zero, you die and drop all current runes (Elden Ring currency) in place of the corpse.
  • FP are actually mana bars that can cast Ashes of War, cast spells, and summon spirits.
  • Stamina allows shields to block rolls, attacks, and damage. Stamina will play over time, but FP and HP will not.

There are three very important secondary statistics: equipment, Discovery and memory slots.

  • Equip load is the amount that a character can currently equip while being agile. When you reach 70% or less of the gear load, you can roll quickly. Above 70%, you become “overweight” and difficult to dodge attacks. If it exceeds 100%, you will not be able to roll.
  • Discovery is a magic discovery statistic that determines the likelihood that an enemy will drop an item when it dies. This is a specific item and can be increased by increasing the arcane attribute.
  • Memory slots determine the number of spell slots your character has. Unlike past Soulsborne games, spell slot limits are no longer associated with attributes. Throughout your journey, you will find memory stones that increase this number.

Character Attributes

Elden Ring’s character attributes refer to eight key stats to level up with runes in the various Places of Grace in Lands Between. Each attribute evaluates a wide range of offensive and defensive skills, even passive skills that can give you an edge in combat. Attributes are the basis of the character and can be customized.

Below is a list of all Elden Ring attributes and their benefits.

VigorIncreases HP
Increases Fire and Poison Resistance
Increases Immunity
MindIncreases FP
Increases Focus Resistance
EnduranceIncreases Stamina
Increases Physical Defense
Increases Robustness
StrengthIncreases Equip Load
Increases Physical Damage
DexterityIncreases Physical Damage
Shortens Casting Time
Softens Fall Damage
IntelligenceProvides access to more Sorceries
Increases Magic Damage
Increases Magic Defense
FaithProvides access to more Incantations
Increases Magic Damage
ArcaneIncreases item Discovery
Increases Death Resistance
Allows use of certain Sorceries and Incantations

How To Increase Your Attributes

You can increase the attributes of any grace of any place by using the runes, which are the currency obtained by killing enemies and destroying golden runes. Each time you level up an attribute this way, it costs a bit to level up your character again. In addition, some Elden Ring amulets increase your character’s stats while equipped.

If you’re investing in statistics that later turn out to be unrelated to the build, you can change the character’s attributes on a particular NPC. After defeating the second major boss of Elden Ring, unlock the ability to change specifications. Each change will take one larva’s tears. This is a rare resource found in some powerful enemies around the world.

Status Effects And Ailments

In Elden Ring, you and your opponents can stack them with special weapons and items, so you will see many Status Effects and Ailments. However, as mentioned earlier, you can increase your resistance to these effects by upgrading certain skills. This allows you to withstand a longer period of time before succumbing to an area or attack.

Below are all the status effects and Ailments that exist in Elden Ring, all related to attack and defense statistics that are directly dependent on attributes and current equipment.

Status EffectDescriptionStat MitigationCure
FrostbiteLowers its target’s Stamina Recovery and Damage Absorption.Robustness via Endurance AttributeThawfrost Boluses
HemorrhageSlowly builds a hemorrhage on the target, exploding when full, causing significant damage.Robustness via Endurance AttributeStaunching Boluses
Instant DeathImmediately kills the target via rapid application of the effect.Death via Arcane AttributeNone
MadnessLowers its target’s FP, damaging them in the process.Focus via Mind AttributeClarifying Boluses
PoisonSlowly damages its target over a long period.Immunity via Vigor Attribute*Cure Poison
*Neutralizing Boluses
RotTake continuous damage over time.Immunity via Vigor AttributePreserving Boluses
SleepMakes its target unconscious.Focus via Mind AttributeStimulating Boluses

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