Elden Ring Spirit Ashes Explained/ Elden Ring: What Are Spirit Ashes?

Note: Everything you need to know to get the most out of Elden Ring's Spirit Ashes.

Elden Ring: What Are Spirit Ashes? Elden Ring Spirit Ashes Explained/ Elden Ring is FromSoftware’s most accessible game to date. Solo players must agree to invade, mounted combat gives players unprecedented mobility, and Spirit Ash allows players to call in reinforcements whenever they need them. If you’ve been hesitant about whether to try Soulsborne for a long time, Elden Ring is a great starting point.

Spirit Ash can be the strongest single-player mechanic in the game as a whole, summoning Ether allies at key moments in the game. These spirits can distract enemies and cause great damage while receiving a great deal of punishment. This guide describes what Spirit Ash is, how to get and summon them, and give some recommendations for the great early game spirit.

Note: This article contains minor spoilers for Elden Ring. For convenience, the spoilers are nested in extensible sections.

How To Use Spirits

elden ring spirit ashes

At the beginning of your journey, you will receive a Spirit Calling Bell. This allows you to summon the spirit. The spirits you summon depend on the spirit ash you use. Spirit Ash can be equipped like any other Elden Ring consumable, but only one type of Spirit can be summoned at a time.


Once you have obtained torrent, return to Elleh Church. Asks if a witch named Renna has a mount named Torrent. Say yes. She gives you a spirit bell and a lawn wolf ash. If you miss this encounter, you can buy a bell from Shell Twin Maiden, a round table keep. Subsequent spirit ash must be found in the open world.

Standing near the Resurrection Monument (indicated by the tombstone icon on the left side of the HUD), you can summon one Spirit Ash at a huge FP cost. When summoned, your spirits will fight with you until they die, you die yourself, or you leave the nearest monument. You can have the AI ​​Spirit and Phantom fight together in a boss battle. Once the spirit dies, it cannot be summoned again at the same Rebirth Memorial until it rests in the Sanctuary of Grace.

Note: Spirits behave exactly like friendly phantoms. Buff and healing spells also apply to your spirit.

Spirit Ash Restrictions

There are some notable restrictions on liquor.

  • Spirits cannot be summoned while other players are in your world. This is also true if you are a phantom in the world of other players.
  • When summoning a spirit, the Rebirth Memorial must be nearby. When you leave the monument, the spirits disappear.
  • Only one group of spirits can be active at a time.
  • You need enough FP to call them.
    • It sounds strange, but later Spirit Ash requires more FP than most classes start from scratch.
    • Increase your intelligence attributes and summon more powerful spirits.

Spirit Ashes

There are many spiritual ashes you will receive while traveling the land in the meantime. Most of the spirits you encounter will appear in the optional dungeons, but some can be found by completing the main quest. If you find a spiritual ash that you especially like, there are NPCs that can improve your mood with a round table keep, a central area that opens quite early in the playthrough.

At the time of this writing, I haven’t found all the ash spirits, but I’m not short of perfumes to choose from. Below is a list of some notable spiritual ash.

Note: The table below contains early-game spoilers.


Spirit AshDetails
Lone Wolf AshesEffect: Summons three lone spirit wolves.

Cost: 55 FP

Location: Given by Renna the Witch
Godrick KnightsEffect: Summons two Gordick soldier spirits.

Cost: 54 FP

Location: West Limgrave graveyard
Marionette Soldier AshesEffect: Summons two marionette soldier spirits.

Cost: 67 FP

Location: Academy of Ray Lucaria

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