Elden Ring How To Respec Your Character

Are you happy with your current build of Elden Ring? Fear isn't hurt, there are ways to customize your character to suit your needs!

Leveling up is an integral part of Elden Ring, and deciding where to place runes can be a daunting task for many. There’s nothing worse than finding a cool new weapon and discovering that you can’t use it properly. Fortunately, Elden Ring allows you to reassign stats points and reassign your character easily, relatively quickly, and completely.

Similar to FromSoftware’s previous action RPG, Dark Souls 3, certain items are required before reassigning statistics. You will also need to talk to certain NPCs found in the world to complete the quest. However, unlike Dark Souls 3, character changes are much more accessible and accessible to players.

Overview: Elden Ring How To Respec Your Character

Elden Ring How To Respec

Before you can change your character’s stats in Elden Ring, you must first reach and complete the Lucaria Paradise Academy Legacy Dungeon, deep in the harsh swamps just outside Stormvale Castle. After defeating the Queen of the Full Moon, Lennara, and the last boss in the dungeon, you can redistribute your stats.

In addition, character reconstruction requires one important item in the intervening lands, the larvae’s tears. As long as you have the Tear of the Larva, you can redistribute as many statistics as you like. We’ve found more than 10 so far, but you probably have more, so don’t worry about finding or using them.

How To Respec Your Character

Elden Ring How To Respec

After defeating Renara, Queen of the Full Moon, you will receive the Greater Neverborn Runes. This allows you to talk to Renara in the Great Library of Lucaria’s Paradise and “play” to reset your stats. To do this, you need to use the tears of the larvae on all intervening lands. In addition, you have the option to change the appearance of your character here. It works like a mirror on a round table hold.

The Tear of the Maggot is not used when talking to Rennala. This means you can inspect the change sheet and tweak the numbers without having to redistribute the statistics completely. However, if you click Confirm, all bets will be removed and the larvae’s tears will be used to change the stats.By default, the change sheet shows the original statistics for the starting class, showing where you previously upgraded everything. You can go up or down above where you used to be, but you can’t go below the basic stats for your class. This means that if the starting class has 14 arcanas, it cannot be lower than this value (that is, it cannot be lowered to earn additional attribute points).


  • After defeating the full moon queen Renara, you will be able to repeat.
  • The exchange will take one tear of the larva.
  • As long as you have the Tear of the Larvae, you can redistribute the statistics as often as you like.
  • All available attribute points must be redistributed.
  • It cannot be below the basic statistics of the starting class. This means that you can’t drop anything below the default to get more attribute points.

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