Elden Ring: Complete Crafting Guide

Get cookbooks and resources to create the most powerful Elden Ring consumables.

One of the unique features of Elden Ring is the creation of items. You can use the materials collected in Lands Between to create powerful consumables to increase damage and remove debuffs. In general, you can use Elden Ring to create exceptions even if you don’t want to create a system in RPG.

Crafts that unlock very early in the journey are the main source of ammunition for consumables and ranged weapons. Almost every build of Elden Ring can benefit from the consumables offered here. Let’s see how to unlock the craft system, collect ingredients, and unlock new recipes throughout the playthrough.

How To Craft Items in Elden Ring

To start creating items with Elden Ring, you need a creation kit. You can purchase a 300 rune craft kit from the Kale Merchant of the Church of Elle. Once purchased, you will have access to the Crafting Items interface. Crafting can be done anywhere in Interland, not just the Temple of Mercy.

With the Elden Ring craft system, you can create consumables and ammo types as needed. Need to stock up on arrows? Find a nearby bone and turn it into ammunition. Are you stuck in a poison cave? Make some cave moss neutralizing bolus. Of course, you can’t create everything from scratch. Players need to collect craft resources and cookbooks to unleash the true potential of craft kits.

Gathering Resources

Elden Ring
Elden Ring Crafting Guide

If you don’t have the necessary materials, you can’t make anything. The Craft UI will tell you what you need to craft a particular item. Resource requirements vary widely depending on the item in question, but most of the required material is an enemy drop or item collected in Lands Between.

For example, let’s say you want to make some pots that fire ropes to damage enemies chasing you. The recipe requires mushrooms, smoldering butterflies, and strings. Mushrooms shine brightly in the open world, so it’s pretty easy to find. Smoldering butterflies are usually found near campfires, and filaments can be obtained by killing demihuman enemies. The crafting interface gives you a rough idea of ​​where each resource in your recipe is, so you don’t have to remember where each crafting ingredient came from.

You will also need a cracked pot to make some consumables. This item is usually sold by a merchant for a small fee. Pay attention to the consumables you create and their amount, as the consumables you create will not be recharged during use.

Finding Cookbooks

Cookbooks are the main source of information for finding new craft recipes on Elden Ring. Despite the name, cookbooks open more than consumable recipes. You can find it like any other item on the Elden Ring. Pay attention to the vendors that sell cookbooks. This will be the main source for creating recipes early in the game.

Every Cookbook Location

At the time of writing this guide, I haven’t found all the cookbooks, but I’ll list the cookbooks I’ve found so far. We will update this guide in the future as we find the remaining Elden Ring Cookbooks.

Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [1]1. Bone Arrow
2. Bone Arrow (Fletched)
3. Bone Bolt
Purchased from Merchant Kale for 500 Runes.
Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [2]1. Glowstone
2. Invigorating Cured Meat
3. Invigorating White Cured Meat
Purchased from Merchant Kale for 500 Runes.
Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [7]1. Soft Cotton
2. Standing Boluses
3. Rainbow Stone Arrow
Found on a corpse atop a destroyed bridge north of Stormhill Shack.
Armorer’s Cookbook [2]1. Firebone Arrow
2. Firebone Arrow (Fletched)
3. Firebone Bolt
4. Neutralizing Boluses
Purchased from the Nomadic Merchant (Limgrave Shore) for 400 Runes.
Missionary’s Cookbook [1]1. Holy Water Pot
2. Roped Holy Water Pot
Purchased from Merchant Kale for 500 Runes.
Elden Ring Crafting Guide

Crafting Tips

Elden Ring Crafting Guide
  • Whenever a merchant sells a cookbook, you must buy them. The same is true for cracked pots.
  • Wander through the Lands Between, jump over bushes and glowing vegetation, and get materials that’s easy to create.
  • If you’re having trouble finding crafting materials specific to a particular enemy, consider increasing the “magic” parameter.
  • If you don’t have enough ammo, raise a wolf to make a bone arrow.
  • Bolus is a version of Elden Ring’s mothball. Do them as much as possible to combat poison, bleeding and other deadly illnesses.

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