Elden Ring Beginner Guide, Combat Basics, Tips, And Tricks (1st April Update)

Learn how to use Ashes of War, parry, dodge, power stance, and much more. It's a Elden ring beginner guide.

Elden Ring is one of the biggest RPGs released this year, combining the classic Soulsborne formula with a large open world. Exploring the intervening lands is important to your success, but understanding how to fight is just as important.

If you are new to From Software games, you may be afraid of how harsh Elden Ring is. Fortunately, breaking this learning curve has never been easier. This guide will give beginners some important combat tips, how to effectively parry and counterattack, how to strengthen your stance, how to use the Ashes of War, and general tips that will not make playthrough much more difficult. Indicates.

Elden Ring Beginner Guide, Combat Basics, Tips, And Tricks (1st April Update)

Combat Basics

elden ring beginner guide

NOTE: Soulsborne veterans can skip to the next section.

Player resources:

Your character has three main stats on Elden Ring:

  • HP: Your character’s health. When it reaches zero, it will die and respawn at the nearest Grace Shrine or Collya in Marika.
  • FP: Your mana. It is used to cast spells, use the art of weapons, and summon spirits.
  • Stamina: The number of times you can evade, attack, jump, or sprint before you need to rest. Play immediately.

All Soulsborne games are about resource management, and Elden Ring is no exception. To master combat in Elden Ring, you need to use your stamina wisely while avoiding enemy attacks. These games have low resilience and you need to avoid or mitigate the damage. Playing this game like any other RPG will have a bad time.

HP and FP do not play passively by default. Therefore, the game offers crimson tier and ceruleantia flasks. These are consumables that restore HP and FP, respectively, and both are replenished when you rest in a place of grace. The place of grace is the burning fire found all over the world.

Attacking And Defense

NOTE: Suppose you are playing on a controller. If you use a keyboard and mouse, we highly recommend purchasing a controller for Elden Ring. M & K is not the ideal input device for Soulsborne games.

Elden Ring uses bumpers and triggers to control each of the character’s arms. This may take some time to get used to, but after a few hours of play it becomes the second property. The most important keyboard shortcuts to remember: You can change these keyboard shortcuts at any time in the options menu.

  • Bumpers (LB and RB): Light weapon attacks, shield blocks.
  • Triggers (LT and RT): Weapon Heavy Attack, Weapon Art for Appropriate Weapons.
  • Y / Triangle: Hold and then use the bumper to switch to a two-handed stance, allowing a new series of movements and more powerful attacks.
  • A / X: You can jump out into the air and make a light or heavy jump attack.
  • B / Circle: Dodge in the direction you are currently moving and temporarily become invincible.

Spend the entire playthrough with bumpers, triggers, and dodge buttons. A common gameplay loop in the Soulsborne genre juggles stamina in the process by dodging or blocking incoming attacks before swinging the equipped weapon several times to punish the target. Be careful not to spam the evasion and attack buttons, as stamina will never be zero. Combat in Elden Ring is a dance between you and your opponent. If you miss your turn, you will soon die.

All Elden Ring characters, both you and your enemies, also have a mechanism called poise. This is basically an invisible attitude meter that staggers the target when the meter breaks. You can lower the target’s posture by constantly damaging the target. More powerful weapons usually do more postural damage. You can increase your composure by wearing heavy armor. Swinging a large weapon like a two-handed sword will give you hyper armor, allowing you to absorb enemy attacks without staggering. Hyper Armor and Poise do not reduce incoming damage. They only affect the incoming dazzling.


If you die in Elden Ring, you will not be able to revert to the previous save file. Instead, the player will be respawned at the nearest Sanctuary of Grace or the Runeless Makira Stake, the currency of Elden Ring. To get the runes back, you need to go to the dead place and get the runes back. If you die before reaching the previous location, the runes will be lost forever. Therefore, it is very important to protect the healing flask and prevent it from being damaged as much as possible. Elden Ring enemies attack fast, attack violently, and do not retreat until they are dead. Don’t be sad when you die. Death is an important part of the Soulsborne genre.

Note: Resting in the Sanctuary of Grace restores all resources and flask charges, but also restores all enemies in the area (except killed bosses and other important enemies).

Mastering The Dodge Roll

Your most powerful tools are not weapons or spells. This is your trick. Dodge rolls include an invincible period called an “iFrame” in the community. In the middle of the roll animation, when all incoming attacks pass, it becomes invincible for a very short period of time. If you’re new to this subgenre, exploring this iFrame requires trial and error, but Lands Between You has hundreds of enemies that you can test for avoidance.

Mastering this input is the key to playing aggressively and surviving the dangerous attacks of many Elden Ring bosses. Don’t be afraid of the size and fear of your enemies. Staying close to your enemies and dodging attacks is the best strategy to stay alive in the Soulsborne game.

Keep in mind that Dodge is affected by the weight of the gear. Keeping the loadout below 70% will speed up the animation. When the gear load exceeds 70%, a “fat roll” will occur, the iFrame will be less, and the animation will be longer. If the loadout exceeds 100%, you will not be able to roll out. Unless you’re playing a build with an incredibly good shield, this is a terrible idea and will kill you. Dodge is much more valuable than armor equipped.

Parrying And Guard Counters

If you’re tired of lying on the ground and want to do serious damage, you can use a shield to drive away or counterattack your enemies. The Elden Ring shield can absorb damage by blocking, but it also acts as an offensive tool.

Blocking an attack and attacking immediately triggers a counterattack called a defensive counterattack. This is a quick strike that deals solid damage and absurd posture damage. This is an invisible sensor that allows for critical hits when broken. If that’s not enough, you can use a small or medium shield to stop incoming attacks.

If parryed shortly before the attack, the enemy will be temporarily absent-minded, exposed to critical hits and inflicted heavy damage. As with avoiding, learning the enemy’s parry window results in practice. Note that not all attacks can be parried, but most humanoid enemies have parried attacks. It’s a good idea to practice parrying skills against Limgrave’s Crucible Knight boss.

Power Stancing Weapons

The strength reputation was returned by Dark Souls 2, this time simplified without a 1.5x stat requirement. Using two weapons of the same type in both hands unlocks a new series of movements called a power stance. Swing both weapons together by pressing the left bumper (also known as L1) and dealing 2 hits of damage on most swings. Plus, it looks cool.

Unlike Dark Souls 2, you cannot use two different weapon types at the same time. Weapons must belong to the same family (swords, swords, claws, etc.). Using the power stance mechanic also means that there is no shield to block the attack, so if you want to play that way, it’s comfortable to avoid the attack.

Ashes Of War

Elden ring beginner guide

The Ashes of War is an item that can be injected into a weapon, giving it powerful weapon art (activated by pressing the left trigger) and the ability to change the weapon’s damage bar. These attacks cost a small portion of the FP, but do a lot of benefit or damage. There is an Ashes of War guide detailing how this mechanism works, but try to use the Ashes of War whenever possible.


  • Powerful jump attacks and defense counters destroy the enemy’s posture and temporarily surprise the enemy. Dual wield your weapon before using a fierce attack that jumps to attack most targets.
  • Big enemies can’t do much if you attack their ankles. It’s not intuitive, but being close to a big enemy is the best way to avoid an attack.
  • In most boss battles and enemy camps, you can call Spiritual Ash to change the course of the battle.
  • Don’t worry about death. In your first playthrough, you will die a lot. Learn to remember and avoid enemy attack patterns and use runes as much as possible.
  • In open world battles, you can crouch down and hide from your enemies. By sneaking up on the target from behind, you can pierce the back and do great damage. NOTE: This hint does not work for bosses.
  • Use your Mount, torrents, whenever possible. Its agility makes it much easier to dodge incoming attacks.
  • You can Summon other players to counter specific bosses. The multiplayer guide details how co-op works with Elden Ring.

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