Elden Ring: Baldachin’s Blessing Explained

Here's everything you need to know about this blessing of Elden Ring.

You may have noticed that Elden Ring is a huge game. Players can spend hours just walking or jumping trying to explore every corner of The Lands Between. Today I’ll be covering Elden Ring: Baldachin’s Blessing Explained.

Freedom to explore this game is one of its greatest perks, and fans are taking advantage of their free will. In a very unexpected event, the player can hug a random Lady found on a hold in the roundtable hold. This interaction is convenient, but at a cost because the hugging woman gives the player a permanent HP debuff. Don’t worry, this guide contains all the information you need to know about a woman hugging in Elden Ring and how to get rid of HP debuffs.

What Happens When You Hug Fia In Elden Ring

elden ring fia Baldachin’s Blessing Explained

The first thing you need to know is that hugging Fia (which is the name of the woman who hugs Elden Ring) does not give you a debuff. In fact, the debuff giver wears the item she gives you (in your inventory) after a shared hug.

This item is a one-time consumable called “Baldachin’s Blessing” and gives you a 15 second balance boost when used. However, as mentioned earlier, the maximum HP debuff is -5% while in inventory.

What Is Baldachin’s Blessing

Item TypeConsumable
DescriptionFavor bestowed by a deathbed companion. Protection of a hidden temple in the guise of a bedchamber. Uses FP to temporarily boost poise. The favor allows 1 to forget any aches and pains. In Death, one there is only peace, for in Death, there can be no sensation.
What it DoesUses FP to boost poise
Baldachin’s Blessing Explained

How To Get Baldachin’s Blessing

elden ring fia Baldachin’s Blessing Explained

To get to the area where Fia is, you must first find Melina in the Shrine of Grace. She will take you to Roundtable Keep, an area that can only be accessed Via Fast-speed travel. Below is a unique video guide that shows you how to get to the roundtable.

When you get there, you’ll, of course, find a lot of NPCs, including Fia, who is a member of the Deathbed. Talk to her and she offers to hug you for a while to feel the warmth of the champion.

If you hug Fia you will receive a Baldachin blessing item in your inventory. Keep in mind that while you can only have one Baldachin blessing in your inventory, you can hug Fia again if needed.

The second time you hug Fia, you can either “talk to her with confidence” or leave. You can learn a little more about her back story by choosing the first option.

Is Getting Baldachin’s Blessing Worth it?

Elden ring Fia Baldachin’s Blessing Explained

-5% health debuff sucks in difficult games like Elden Ring, but the other effects Baldachin’s Blessing grants you make it worth it.

For example, one of the effects of an item is a buff that increses your Poise stat. In Elden Ring, Poise stat is a basic statistic that determines the number of enemy attacks you can receive before you Stun, fall and faint. The higher the score, the more enemy attacks you can block.

As you can see, with more Poise you won’t be stunned or knocked back with every swing, so your attack won’t be easily interrupted.

Other options for increasing poise include wearing head, chest, arm, and leg clothing.

However, this buff is temporary and it is recommended to save it for more difficult bosses such as Dragontree Guardian and Crucible Knight, or for those bosses who are beyond armor or level range.

If you are interested in this item, please keep the following considerations in mind:

  • Only one Baldachin blessing is in your inventory, but you can hug Fia again after use to get another blessing.
  • “Baldachin’s Blessing” items can not be stored in chest Box.
  • You can use the blessings of Baldachin in multiplayer mode.
  • It costs 10FP to use this item.
  • Go ahead and hug Fiya only if you are ready to engage your boss. Otherwise, you’ll be walking around with a nasty debuff for no reason.

How To Get Rid Of The HP Debuff

Elden ring Fia Baldachin’s Blessing Explained

Like many other things in Elden Ring, the game doesn’t tell you exactly what to do to get rid of HP debuffs, a lot of players panic when they first see the red square down arrow debuff in the upper left corner of their game screen.

If you’re one of the players who decides it’s essential to hug the fire, don’t worry. Removing Baldachin’s Health Blessing Debuff is as easy as getting the item itself.

To remove the debuff, you need to consume or use it from your inventory using the Baldachin blessing item. Then the debuff will simply disappear.

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