Elden Ring Ashes Of War Explained

Ashes of War offers powerful combat arts and infusions. Learn how to use them.

All Elden Ring weapons have the ability to equip the Ash of War. This is a special feature that mimics the weapon art of Dark Souls 3. If your FP cost is low, you can use your weapon to unleash the barrage of attacks and avoid them quickly. You can also attack enemies and cast spells. Today I’ll be covering topic: Elden Ring Ashes Of War Explained

More importantly, the Ashes of War allows you to change the damage profile and scaling of your weapon. Sorcerers can scale their weapons with intelligence, and Knights can customize their weapons to scale evenly with strength and dexterity. Let’s see what the Ashes of War are, how to get them, and how to use them.

What Are Elden Ring Ashes Of War?

Elden Ring Ashes Of War Explained

The Ashes of War is a consumable item that can be added to a weapon to give it its own weapon art (which is associated with LT by default) while changing the damage scaling of the weapon. Unlike Dark Souls 3, Elden Ring’s Ashes of War is usually associated with a weapon prototype rather than a specific weapon, despite its unique weapon / boss weapon. For example, all melee weapons can use Quick Step War Ash as well as daggers.

Almost every build of Elden Ring will want to take advantage of this system. Weapon Arts can be used by FPs to cast significantly lower spells, unleash a series of attacks to unbalance enemies, and offer valuable benefits. In addition, the Ashes of War allows you to infuse weapons with new damage types and change the damage scaling.

How To Obtain Ashes Of War

The main source of war ash is the white scarab beetles scattered across the intervening lands. The scarab is Elden Ring’s successor to the legendary Soulsborn Crystal Lizard, which rolls a shimmering stone ball that escapes when provoked. Fortunately, adding mounts to Elden Ring makes it much easier to chase these scarabs. Watch out for their clear noise. Ashes of War can be purchased from specific vendors or found in Lands Between.

Unlocking New Infusions

The Ashes of War is directly related to the injection of weapons in the Elden Ring, but not all injections can be started immediately. Find the blade and unlock the new flask. These items usually come with the Ashes of War and can be found throughout Elden Ring’s main story path and in older dungeons. Be sure to use this system as it is the main way to change the statistics from which your weapon is scaled.

Duplicating Ashes Of War

If you find the War Ash you want to duplicate, you can visit the Roundtable Keep Blacksmith to make a replica of this weapon. Unlock the round table keep as you progress through the main quest line. To duplicate the Ashes of War, you need the Lost Ashes of War. This is a rare upgrade material that may be sold by vendors.

Change the ashes of war weapons

The Elden Ring version of the campfire, the Sanctuary of Grace, allows you to change your Ashes of War weapons at any time. To get started, select Ashes of War from the Shrine of Grace menu. In this menu you can select the weapon you want to use and the ashes of war. You can switch Ashes of War for free at any time.

Note that not all Ashes of War are applicable to all weapons. For example, you need a scabbard to use the Ashes of War without a scabbard, so you can only use it with a sword. If you’re not sure what weapons Ash of War supports, check your inventory for their description.

Changing Your Weapon Infusions

When you select a new War Ash for your weapon, you will be prompted to select a Flask for your weapon. There are some restrictions, but you don’t have to use a specific war ash flask. For example, equipping the Ashes of War with magic doesn’t mean you need to scale your weapon with intelligence. Alternatively, you can use Keen or Quality infusion. However, some flasks, such as Sacred, are only compatible with certain Ashes of War. The Ash of War description usually includes any additional content types offered.

Once you’ve found everything, add a table showing the injection of each weapon. For now, be aware that all the classic elements of previous Soulsborne games have somehow been incorporated into Elden Ring.

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