CrossfireX |Everything We Know so Far About upcoming CrossfireX PC/PS4/Xbox Release

As Smilegate announced at the 2021 Game Awards, CrossfireX, a western adaptation of the Asian blockbuster Crossfire, will hit the Xbox Series X on February 10. Remedy Entertainment (Control) is developing two single-player campaigns for this game.

Crossfire X was first announced at E3 2019 and is set for 2020 on Xbox One. After the open beta test in the summer of 2020, Smilegate announced in November next year that the game will be postponed to 2021. In Thursday’s announcement, the Xbox One wasn’t listed in the Crossfire X launch plan.

Remedy Contribution, two missions called Operation Catalyst and Operation Specter, will be available on Crossfire X at launch. No pricing is offered, but “Crossfire X also offers a full multiplayer mode that will be free on the Xbox platform,” Smilegate said in a statement.

The original CrossFire was released in 2007 and is very popular in China and South Korea. At CrossfireX, new players will meet two-game factions: the global risk of private military companies and the blacklist of terrorist organizations. Global risk is good and blacklisted bad guys, both of whom seem to work for money.

According to Smilegate, Crossfire has attracted 670 million registered users and more than 8 million simultaneous players per day over 15 years.

Everything We Know so Far About upcoming CrossfireX

CrossfireX is the latest first-person shooter game specifically for the Xbox console.

Following the success of last year’s open beta, the legendary PC series will finally be available on multiple gaming platforms.

The release date for 2020 was originally written, but game developer Smilegate Entertainment has postponed it due to a coronavirus pandemic. It can infect your Xbox in the coming months.

The popularity of Crossfire X, which is now available for free on PC, is growing rapidly, especially in parts of Asia, and Xbox Game Studios is currently developing a console version.

Information remains fairly limited at this stage, but there are many concerns about what has been expected for a long time.

Here’s everything you need to know about Crossfire X:

Release date

After a successful open beta period from June 25th to June 28th, 2020, Smilegate, unfortunately, announced that the release of the game will be postponed until 2021. However, Crossfire X doesn’t seem to show up until 2022.

As is still the case at this point, game developers haven’t provided an exact date.


What we have is CrossfireX will launch on Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S on February 16.


For nostalgic first-person gamers, Xbox players can enjoy real fun.


In IGN’s Hands-on Preview, I explained that the game is similar to Counter-Strike: Counter-Offensive and has a tactical teamplay mode, but this time it’s armed with a single-player campaign.

In most cases, features will be announced as the release date approaches. The release date will be displayed here after confirmation by Smilegate.

CrossfireX Trailer

The trailer included scenes from two single-player story campaigns (Operation Catalyst and Operation Specter). The campaign follows a brutal conflict between two world-dominant private military groups (a global risk for order and a bold blacklist).


Both campaigns were developed by Control and Alan Wake developer Remedy Entertainment in collaboration with Crossfire franchise creator Smilegate. The story entails a complete suite of multiplayer modes developed by Smilegate itself. They will be available at launch, but campaign missions are expensive as opposed to free multiplayer features.

Crossfire X Debuts for the First Time in Xbox Series X Exclusive at Xbox E3 2019 Media Briefing | S. Crossfire Franchise is one of the world’s most popular free multiplayer games, with 1 billion loyal people in 80 countries in 2020 Reaching users.

CrossfireX has Age limit

PEGI does not disclose the certified age rating of the game, but it does display a warning about adult content and fully expects the game to be over 18 years old.

Updates will be provided as they become available.

Is Crossfire X coming to PS5/PS4?

Unfortunately, Xbox Game Studios has only acquired exclusive production rights to Crossfire X for next-generation and latest-generation systems. Therefore, it cannot be used on PS5 or PS4.

Xbox Game Studios is creating the game itself, as it is currently done with Halo Infinite, so it’s unlikely that it will be released in any format on Sony’s platform in the near future.

Of course, there is no official confirmation at this time. But we are convinced that this will be the publisher’s position. We would be very surprised if CrossfireX is actually available on PS5 or PS4.

Stay tuned for updates to this article as we become more familiar with this topic.

Crossfire X Beta

Prior to the official release of CrossfireX, it has not yet been confirmed if there is another beta version.

Xbox Game Studios hasn’t announced a release date yet, and the timeline is scheduled for 2021, but it’s doubtful that another test will be done before that.

However, if Crossfire X is postponed until 2022, this position may change and new community feedback sessions may be held.

Currently, the situation is unknown. But don’t be afraid! We will update this section of the article as more details become available. Please stay tuned.

Crossfire X Free-to-Play Multiplayer FPS


Despite the hype around the release date of CrossfireX, there are still some unclear points about the release of the game, unless intentionally confused. CrossfireX Multiplayer was announced for free, but it’s not mentioned in the trailer. It doesn’t even mention how the Crossfire X single-player campaign runs, whether it’s free, whether it’s premium, or whether it’s available from the Xbox Game Pass on your PC or console. Due to the lack of details, many who are interested in playing Crossfire X are misleading.

One thing is clear: CrossfireX can be seen as an updated version of the classic multiplayer game Crossfire. This means that the game is similar to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in terms of first-person shooters. The two teams compete in a goal-based game mode. In this mode, you have one life in each round of the match and you need to purchase improved weapons and equipment.

The single-player Crossfire X element is said to have been built by Remedy with the same engine used for the control. When the game goes on sale, it is said to include two missions, the Operation Catalyst and the Operation Specter. These missions revolve around the corporate military organization Global Risk and blacklisted terrorist groups.

Crossfire X may not have rocked the western industry, but the first Crossfire release attracted more than 650 million registered players in the east. Smilegate wants to expand this audience with new Western players with the release of CrossfireX. However, it can be difficult given the fierce competition with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Riot’s Valorant, not to mention the exclusive rights to the Xbox.

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