WOW! Cane stick is back in fashion trend 2021

In other times and ages, a gentleman never went out on the street without a hat, a pair of gloves, and a  CANE STICK. The walking stick or cane is a powerful symbol of power and prestige for men. Of course, it was an accessory to style wardrobe in that era, yet fashion is now returned in 2021.

Canes and walking sticks were irresistible fashion accessories for men and women between the seventeenth and nineteenth century, used to showcase a sense of pride and social respectability. During this period, canes were well known by day and evening use, and it was concluded that an individual of good social standing would have a cane for every occasion. 

In fact, in the 20th century, umbrellas became popular fashion accessories.

Day canes were wide-variety in their styles, and rare and expensive materials, ornamentation, and intricate decoration helped to express the wealth and taste of men. Evening sticks were more similar in style. 

Standard evening canes were usually made from ebony and were narrower and sometimes shorter than day sticks. Sliver knob or gold bands decorated ferrules and handles. These types of canes are popular imagination, featuring heavily in early twentieth-century Hollywood movies.


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