Best Z270 Motherboards To Buy In 2022

For clarity, the motherboard is the mother of a central electronic unit or computer. The purpose of the assembly is to keep each component online and work together. Another thing is that each motherboard is built for a specific purpose that determines how it is actually configured. Therefore, there are many types of motherboards on the market, and the Z270 is one of them.

Z270 motherboards are earlier versions of Z370 and Z390 motherboards. However, due to the unique characteristics of the chipset, this is an important motherboard. Invented by Intel, the Z270 is built with performance in mind on a solid foundation. The Z270 motherboard is so good that the compatibility of calculations and graphics is unmatched. In addition, it features powerful overclocking capabilities and high quality integration with a dedicated Intel processor. Also, some of these motherboards have better Wi-Fi.

Best Z270 motherboards at a glance

Following this trend, there are many Z270 motherboards on the market that can get lost in the sea of ​​information and features. Picking up a processor and finding a compatible Z270 motherboard is not an easy task for everyone. But don’t worry. We’ve reviewed seven top-notch Z270 motherboards like never before in terms of specs, performance, compatibility and price range, so you can choose the one that’s right for you.

S. No.ProductImageRatingDeal of the Day!
1.ASUS Z270 ROG Maximus IX Extreme 
Best for water cooling enthusiasts and for overclocking
9.8View On Amazon
2.MSI Z270 Gaming M3
Excellent Z270 Motherboard Packed With Features
9.7View On Amazon
3. ASRock Z270 Extreme4 ATX Motherboard
Best value Z270 motherboard for gaming
9.6View On Amazon
4. MSI Pro Series Z270 SLI
Solid performance at a good price
9.6View On Amazon
5.ASUS TUF Z270 Mark 1 
Best gaming motherboard with lots of extras
9.5View On Amazon
6.ASRock Z270 Killer SLI/AC
“Best Z270 MOBO at a budget price
9.5View On Amazon
Powerful motherboard designed for gaming
9.4View On Amazon
Best Z270 motherboards at a glance

1. ASUS Z270 ROG Maximus IX Extreme 

Memory Speed2133 MHz
Memory Slots04
PlatformWindows 8
Wireless Type802.11n, 802.11b, 802.11a, 802.11g
Best Z270 motherboards at a glance


  1. Optimum water-cooling performance
  2. Aura Sync RGB lighting for endless colors
  3. Integrated I/O shield for better connectivity
  4. Dynamic system cooling to ensure high performance
  5. Innovative automatic overclocking profiles


  1. Price may be high
  2. Messy cable management
  3. Water cooling block requires extra care

At the crossroads, the paid ASUS ROG Maximus IX Extreme board is a model in the gaming lineup and includes some useful features not used in similarly priced models. In addition, it includes an AURA LED lighting system, shielded and completely covered with Bitspower monoblocks for a luxurious look in a sturdy case.

An amazing feature of this motherboard is its compatibility with ASUS AURA SYNC software, which allows you to enjoy multiple additional RGB gears. In addition, ASUS has created a shield design for this motherboard. It is known as the Z270 motherboard, which is optimized for cooling, maintains excellent performance throughout its life and is ideal for overclocking. First, it includes four DIMM slots, two ultra-fast M.2 slots, a high-speed USB 3.1 device in a stylish dark case, and everything you might need.

The general look of an ASUS ROG Maximus IX Extreme motherboard is a bit like the military one, as it’s made of black and orange, and black looks like it gives a shade of green. In addition to a stylish look, it includes customizable chipset heatsinks, PCIe slots, high-end features such as rear I / O and power indicator settings, and many other useful features.

Sound quality is also supported by the Realtek codec. The Realtek codec is sophisticated enough to provide the desired results. Also, the onboard design is quite expensive due to the use of Thunderbolt chips, but ASUS keeps the price efficient.

The heatsink is all-in-one, so you can control airflow and temperature, allow cooling of NVME M.2 SSDs, and even achieve the desired performance results. In terms of connectivity, this motherboard is Ethernet compatible, WIFI with MU-MIMO, and finally supports Thunderbolt, which wasn’t in the previous ASUS ROG Maximus IX Hero, so it looks beautiful. In summary, many RGB options and connectivity are the main selling points of this motherboard.

2. MSI Z270 Gaming M3

Best Z270 motherboards at a glance

Compatible ProcessorIntel Celeron, Intel Pentium
RAM Memory Speed3800 MHz
RAM Memory Size64 GB
Available Memory Slots04
Best Z270 motherboards at a glance


  1. DDR4 boost for better memory performance
  2. Studio-grade sound quality
  3. Excellent low latency and bandwidth management
  4. Certified for both online and offline gaming


  1. No SLI or ECC RAM support
  2. Fan control within the UEFI is spotty
  3. Limited RGB lighting

The MSI Z270 M3 motherboard comes in red and black color schemes and has minimal built-in LEDs, but can be customized using RGB headers and software controls to get the feel you need. In addition, the motherboard supports dual M.2 slots with steel armor, high-speed DDR4 memory, and Type A and Type C USB 3.1 Generation 2, making it ideal for a variety of connections.

The actual M.2 ports provided are quickly connected via four onboard PCIe lanes and, when combined with the NVME protocol, provide data transfer rates of approximately 4 GB / s. This is ideal for all types of users. Surprisingly, M.2-based PCIe SSDs are up to 8x faster than SATA 6G SSDs.

On the manufacturing side, we use high quality military grade 5 components for effective protection and safety. First of all, gamers can get good mileage from this model at a reasonable price.

The MSI Z270 M3 includes a convenient mysterious optical sync feature for one-click customization of all LEDs in sync with gaming rigs that capture other added RGB solutions. In addition, Audio Boost-4 works with Nahimic-2 to deliver studio-grade sound to your ears for a premium gaming experience.

In addition, LAN protected game LAN is perfect for enhancing online games with low latency and strong bandwidth management. Another most compelling feature of this motherboard is the award-winning BIOS with high resolution scalable fonts and many search features that make navigating easier.

First of all, in addition to XMP support and the best overclocking for professionals, you can get 5 4-pin PWM fan headers.

3. ASRock Z270 Extreme4 ATX Motherboard

Best Z270 motherboards at a glance

Memory Speed2400 MHz
Memory Slots4.0
Compatible Processor8th Generation Intel Core
RAM Memory Size 64 GB
Best Z270 motherboards at a glance


  1. Triple NVME support
  2. M.2 support for WIFI modules
  3. Lots of RGB lighting options
  4. Easy and swift overclocking
  5. Both USB Type-A and Type-C ports


  1. Overclocking isn’t quite good
  2. AURA LED light is really dim
  3. Intel Ethernet ports require special drivers to work

ASRock Z270 Extreme4 ATX Motherboard is the most compatible motherboard with Intel 6000 and 7000 series processors. The color scheme of this model is kept black and blue, which is very different from similar priced models.

In addition, this motherboard supports DDR4-RAM with 4 DIMM slots in ultra-fast dual channel mode for improved performance. You can insert 64GB of RAM into the memory bank. This is enough to meet the needs of almost every user.

The most attractive feature of this motherboard is its versatile compatibility. The I / O panel provides a modern USB Type C connection that stays slim, so you can connect in both ways. However, this motherboard is backwards compatible with the USB 3.1 Type-A port and offers the best of both worlds, so it’s not the end of the world.

The ASRock Z270 Extreme4 ATX has three PCIe x16 slots, one with a full 16 lanes connected to the chipset and the other PCIe x16 slots connected with 8 lanes to provide versatility. In addition to providing I / O and expansion cards, this motherboard also includes three additional PCIe x1 slots to support NVIDIA SLI in addition to AMD Crossfire technology.

The board comes with two M.2 slots reserved for extreme NVME SSDs and six SATA ports to facilitate hard drive connectivity, allowing you to connect ultra-fast storage devices. Surprisingly, the Extreme4 motherboard features stylish LED lighting and Aura RGB LED strips, Intel Optane memory, and a unique black-and-white design that sets it apart from its predecessor at a similar price.

4. MSI Pro Series Intel Z270 DDR4

Best Z270 motherboards at a glance

Compatible ProcessorIntel Celeron, Intel Pentium
RAM Memory Speed3800 MHz
RAM Memory Size64 GB
Available Memory Slots 04
Best Z270 motherboards at a glance


  1. Affordable business motherboard
  2. Dual Turbo M.2 slots to give variety
  3. The BIOS is easy to navigate
  4. Energy efficiency with high-end performance


  1. No RGB LEDs
  2. No internal wireless connection
  3.  No internal Bluetooth

To absorb the information, the MSI Pro Series Intel Z270 DDR4 motherboards are cut into a black and white color scheme that looks stylish and makes you feel ready. The radiator is housed in both bridges with a mixture of black metal with horned slashes to maintain built-in performance.

The bright area of ​​the heatsink matches the steel around the two main PCIe slots and between the four memory slots. Designed for business people, this motherboard does not have the best RGB LED for your business environment and needs. wait a minute. There is a white light on the back of the board and an RGB light strip header with software customization options. In addition, it contains various user-friendly LEDs. What else do you need as a business enthusiast?

From now on, MSI Pro Series Intel Z270 DDR4 motherboards will operate at a maximum frequency of 3800MHz with DDR4 memory, which is not uncommon. However, it is equipped with two M.2 connectors and six SATA 3 ports to provide a great one. This MSI motherboard supports NVIDIA SLI double-sided, AMD Crossfire triple-sided, and dual graphics, offering a wide range of connectivity options.

In addition, the back panel includes four USB 3 ports with both Type-C and Type-A connections, providing enhanced previous compatibility options at the same time. In fact, this motherboard is one of the few motherboards with 6 audio connectors. Another useful feature of this motherboard is that there is plenty of space around the CPU sockets and memory slots to make it easier to manage connections.

In addition, the SATA port is perpendicular to the board and the top M.2 port is not blocked by the graphics card. As a result of careful experience, manufacturers have intelligently placed each component to provide potential benefits to their users.

5. ASUS TUF Z270 Mark 1  

Best Z270 motherboards at a glance

Compatible Processor7th generation Intel core
RAM Memory Speed2133 MHz
RAM Memory Size64 GB
Available Memory Slots04
Best Z270 motherboards at a glance


  1. Military-grade durability
  2. Lots of RGB LED lighting options
  3. Supports Intel Optane Memory
  4. Incorporates Thermal Radar 2+
  5. High-end cooling mechanism


  1. No Asus aura connector for the case lighting
  2. No LED lighting control
  3. Not for mid-tower cases

The ASUS TUF Z270 Mark 1 Motherboard is specially designed to work with a variety of high performance workstation graphics cards. It occupies an important position in the market. It includes Aura Sync technology, which is smart enough to provide full RGB lighting control with many exciting built-in LED lighting presets, allowing you to switch shades from a single app.

The included Q-LED contains five different colored indicator lights to indicate anomalies during the boot process. Overall, the price range for the ASUS TUF Z270 Mark1 remains slightly higher than the Mark2. This is because it has additional features such as support for another GPU and two USB 2.0 ports.

Beating competitors, the ASUS TUF Z270 Mark 1 features innovative DDR4 overclocking dynamics to deliver unprecedented memory speeds across all memory slots. The most attractive feature of this model is ASUS Pro Clock technology. This, when combined with the appropriate compatible processor, can greatly help maximize TUF performance.

In addition, this model is completely for beginners. The built-in Teubo V processor (TPU) gives you all control with just one click, so you don’t have to be an expert to get great overclocking performance. MARK 1 provides high-speed data transfer using the Intel Gigabit Ethernet connector, completely eliminating the problem of poor network performance during workflow. In addition, the case fan and graphics card fan are fully controlled by thermal radar and can be manually or automatically configured with a single click.

Overall, Mark 1 has passed the industry’s toughest tests, ensuring reliable and reliable performance in all conditions.

6. ASRock Z270 Killer SLI/AC

Best Z270 motherboards at a glance

Compatible Processor7th, 6th Generation Intel Core i7/ i5/i3/Pentium/Celeron processors
RAM Memory Speed 2133 MHz
RAM Memory Size64 GB
Available Memory Slots04
Best Z270 motherboards at a glance


  1. Onboard Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  2. Efficient memory overclocking capability
  3. Supports USB charging boost
  4. Handy features at a budget-friendly price
  5. Good efficiency and built-in performance


  1. No extra slot for NVME drive
  2. No USB 3.1 Gen2 controller

Please note that ASRock Z270 Killer SLI motherboards are generally basic and come with almost all the basic features you need. At first glance, you can see that two PCIe slots are built in, while the third is limited to four lanes.

What makes this motherboard even more attractive is the WIFI connector that you can’t expect at this price point. Surprisingly, the PCIe x1 slot is open to support longer cards, so you can also use the triple-card Crossfire configuration to work accordingly.

Since there are no bottom slots, you will not run into configuration constraints due to resource sharing. Notice that both M.2 slots share SATA resources. However, this can be resolved by installing a PCIe-based M.2 card and getting exactly what you need. Overall, this is the best budget Z270 motherboard and the best Z270 motherboard for the i7 7700k.

In fact, ASRock keeps the model low-priced by offering only four fan headers, one of which can switch between PWM and voltage-based speed control, making it a cost-effective Z270. It is a motherboard.

In addition, the PCH receiver has RGB lighting and the case fan provides an RGB header to add a bit of glare to your existing setup. This sets it apart from the ASUS TUF Z270 Mark 1. Unlike existing models, the audio jack is housed in the back corner, which can cause problems, but I didn’t encounter it.

The USB 3.0 connector is above the top slot so the card will not be blocked. Above all, ASRock may be attracted to the existence of the best SLI bridge to save money.

In addition, it includes a pair of Wi-Fi antennas, a pair of SATA cables, a driver disc, an I / O shield, and a fully printed manual, so you can take advantage of both. Overall, this comes with the features and aesthetic appeal of a more expensive motherboard.


Best Z270 motherboards at a glance

Memory Speed2133 MHz
Memory Slots04
RAM Memory Size64 GB
Compatible Processor7th Generation Intel Core
Best Z270 motherboards at a glance


  1. High-end UEFI BIOS design
  2. RGB lighting with case lighting control
  3. Supports custom 3D printed panel
  4. Aesthetic layout and design
  5. Affordable price range


  1. Difficult to setup BIOS
  2. Not all RGBs are customizable
  3. Not recommended for overclocking as it creates troubles

ASUS Prime Z270-Motherboard is packed with robust features. Some are convenient enough with just one click. Want to make your PC smarter with 5-way optimization? This is because it optimizes the required aspects of the connected system for real-time usage to ensure excellent processor performance.

ASUS Prime Z270-A includes state-of-the-art fan controls that can be configured using FanXpert 4 and UEFI BIOS. Surprisingly, the temperature sensor is designed to monitor the temperature of your ASUS graphics card. In addition, the water cooling feature is ideal for individual and stand-alone cooling systems.

In addition, a dedicated fan connector provides about 3 amps for high speed performance. The built-in circuit protects each fan connector from overcurrent and high temperature and maintains built-in performance. First, in auto-rotation mode, you can scan all the parameters related to the fan with one click.

You will love time-tuned and efficient DDR4 overclocking for excellent open field compatibility and stability. In addition, ASUS SLI Bridge increases bandwidth for a premium gaming experience. This motherboard is compatible with the latest USB 3.1 Type-C ports and also backwards compatible with Type-A, providing unmatched connectivity flexibility for both worlds.

In addition, this energy-efficient model features a highly reliable digital power supply, a quiet and cool fan, and advanced sound and network settings specially tuned for your application. Overall, the high-end optimized features of this motherboard make the paired PC perfect for entertainment, gaming and productivity.

Overall, the ASUS Prime Z270-A is a well-maintained board that delivers excellent performance in all applications and intelligently combines results and built-in features at an attractive price. This motherboard has white stripes. If you like white, check out the best white motherboard for your game.

Buying Guide for Z270 Motherboards

The best Z270 motherboards are perfect for enjoying the benefits of high-end gaming and other professional work. Their eye-catching feature is the unparalleled overclocking feature you’ve never seen before. In fact, it comes with multiple slots, configurations, color schemes, and soundtrack qualities, which can make it a little more demanding to choose the best model for your needs.

So, to save you productive time, we’ve put together this buying guide to tell you what features are available on the best Z270 motherboards. Let’s talk more.

Optane Ready Support

Optane is currently the most sought after feature of high speed cache storage. This is because you can get the SSD performance level for the entire drive. In addition, Z270 motherboards tend to perform better than other motherboards in this regard, as they may be able to provide large amounts of high speed memory simply by adding them to the system.

Additional PCIe Lanes

In fact, the Z270 has more PCIe 3.0 lanes, four more lanes than the older Z100 model. These advanced PCIe ports help add bandwidth connectivity with advanced features such as modern graphics cards, USB 3.1, Thunderbolt and more. In fact, the Z270 has 30 available lanes, 24 of which are PCIe 3.0.

Integrated LAN

The best Z270 motherboards have been found to have onboard LAN. This means that the chipset expects a network connection as part of a dedicated component. This attribute eliminates the need to use a dedicated network interface for another card, such as an Ethernet card that can be connected to the motherboard.

USB 3.0 and latest I/O panel

In the open, the era of outdated harbors is nearing its end. In addition, USB 2.0 and other rear connectors, which have long been part of the game, are now being replaced by expanded 3.0 and 3.1 models. In addition, the number of M.2 and U.2 drives is increasing and the number of SATA ports is decreasing with each new model. The Z270 motherboard comes with extended and reverse connections to take advantage of both.

Fan Headers

Fan Headers are game changers for maintaining built-in efficiency and performance results to ensure excellent performance. However, if you plan to install a large number of fans, keep in mind that you should check the specifications of the selected model and the number of possible fan supports on the motherboard to get the perfect result from the Z270 motherboard.

RGB Lighting

Morally speaking, RGB lighting is a favorite feature for both gamers and casual users. Different Z270 motherboards have different LED sets and different options to customize them as needed. Please note that not all Z270 motherboards have RGB lighting built-in, as some models are for high-end business purposes only. Check out the list of the best RGB motherboards.

Other Advanced Technologies

In addition to the features mentioned above, the best Z270 motherboards also include:

  • Rapid Storage Technology for PCI drives
  • Platform trust technology
  • HD audio technology
  • Smart response technology
  • Smart sound technology
  • Stable Image Platform Program (SIPP)
  • Virtualization technology

In fact, all of these features are more than enough to provide high performance results. Do you need anything else?


In short, the best Z270 motherboards can continuously and perfectly fit the majority of Intel processors. They are sturdy enough to build a new rig that combines performance and versatility at an affordable price. In addition, the best Z270 motherboards support Intel Optane memory, multiple SATA ports, and many top-notch features and specifications. Therefore, getting the right set of features is not as easy as it sounds. That’s why we review Z270 high performance motherboards and bring you the best!

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