How to Choose The Best RGB Keyboard Color Schemes

RGB lighting is becoming an integral part of all gaming rigs. All components of your gaming PC include RGB colors, making it easy to choose lighting settings. However, seeing the same lighting settings with the keyboard or mouse can be tedious. Therefore, it is important to change the RGB scheme of your keyboard from time to time. So, How to Choose The Best RGB Keyboard Color Schemes?

If you need an RGB keyboard color scheme, there are many preset profiles available from Razer and other manufacturers to make game setup easier. This article lists some of the most popular RGB lighting effects you can choose from your keyboard.

RGB color schemes may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, as some keyboards have built-in settings and some keyboards can be customized. You can use the keyboard to perform two types of color adjustments. One is the key color scheme and the other is the RGB backlight scheme. Let’s examine all the details and then look at some popular color effects.

1. Keycap Color Scheme

Customizing different keycap patterns is not a new trend, as more manufacturers offer mechanical switches with replaceable keycaps. You can remove the key with the keycap remover and set the layout to your liking.

If your keyboard doesn’t come with a replacement keycap or additional set, you can find a trusted website on the Internet. Some websites offer custom keycaps that are perfect for customizing patterns.

Kono and Original are two popular stores offering different colors for your next adventure with the best RGB keyboard color scheme. One of my favorites is the Kono store’s light brown Snowgivings 2021 theme. You can try something else with Goodspeed. It has a great key color scheme with a modifier legend and properly spaced keys.

2. Best RGB Keyboard Color Schemes

The RGB backlight color scheme is the second most popular type of keyboard customization gamers use these days, following macros and key bindings. These RGB lights have built-in preset effects or come with partial or full color customization.

Each has its own advantages, but fully customizable RGB lighting is perfect for gamers like me who tend to customize every aspect of the game. Here’s a look at all the RGB lighting color schemes available and their popular illustrations, especially my favorite Pac-Man color scheme. A complete GIF collection of keyboard color schemes can be found here.

Built-in RGB Lighting Scheme

The built-in RGB color scheme is most common on relatively low cost keyboards. These keyboards allow limited RGB settings and allow you to customize only certain effects.

These RGB settings primarily include ripple, rainbow, fade, wave, and monochromatic effects. You can switch to preset effects only using the keys on your keyboard. The downside of these keyboards is that most gamers don’t have the complete customization they need for their keyboards.

Custom RGB Lighting Scheme

Custom RGB lighting schemes have both simple and custom color schemes. It depends on your taste what you want to see for your setup. Each of these lighting effects is very attractive and, depending on your priority, is the right combination with other RGB peripherals.

3. Single Color Scheme

These color schemes have only one keyboard backlight color. The lighting looks minimal and provides an attractive setting for gaming rigs. If you don’t like the combination of multiple colors for keyboard lighting, a single color is the best RGB keyboard color scheme.

Here are some popular monochromatic color schemes that can be combined with the existing RGB settings of tables and other accessories.

1. Red Scheme

Red is one of Playrig’s most popular lighting options. Most gamers prefer red to other LED colors on large displays and PC cases. If you have set the red color, you probably don’t want to use another color for your keyboard backlight scheme.

Known for its evil atmosphere, red has several drawbacks. Blue is not the most relaxing color in the world, so you don’t get a relaxed atmosphere. However, if you’re an avid gamer, don’t hesitate to use the trendy color schemes on your keyboard.

2. Blue Scheme

Blue gives the keyboard and computer a more classic look in general. The all-blue keyboard adds delicacy and a light spaceship look. In addition, the blue color looks cold to the eyes.

Overall, green looks cool for the most part, but it has a foreign feel to it. With a relaxing theme for long hours of work and play, you can work all day with a green keyboard that reduces eye strain.

3. Cyan or Light Blue Scheme

Cyan is similar to blue in terms of the effect of light. Blue is a good color for those who like blue light to change when they get tired of blue. It creates a bright atmosphere and has many advantages when it comes to color pairing with other peripherals.

Blue looks brighter and has more white than blue. If you want something more interesting, it’s strange to mix blue and white. It looks great on a white background. By the way, the white keyboard also looks great, so give it a try.

4. Purple Scheme

Purple is not the preferred color for most gamers when used as a single color scheme. Still, it’s not a bad color, especially if you want to match your streaming settings.

It looks like a galaxy or a nebula. The different look of purple provides a unique place in the gaming community. This is not a normal color as it is not exposed on a regular basis.

5. Hot Pink Scheme

Another unique color choice is hot pink. This is one of the best colors for your keyboard’s RGB lighting scheme and is perfect for girly gaming environments. This looks very interesting and gives the final look on a black background. If you’re curious, there’s also a detailed guide to pink keyboards.

6. Orange Scheme

Orange may seem less popular for choosing RGB lighting for other peripherals, but for keyboards it looks great. When mixed with a black or white background, the final product has a distinctive color visual appearance.

One of the most common factors behind Orange’s popularity is its compatibility with Overwatch themes. You can customize all Overwatch-themed peripherals by setting them all orange. When I tried the scheme, the colors looked promising.

7. White Scheme

If you need more clinical color options, white is the right choice. This is the most basic color you’ll find on RGB or non-RGB keyboards, but you’ll never get tired of it.

The white color looks very bright and gives a minimalist feel. To keep the flashy colors out of the way of your keyboard playing, try a pure white color scheme with a dark background.

4. Custom Color Scheme

Custom color schemes are the best RGB keyboard color schemes as they offer more customization options. We gamers tend to get bored with simple color layouts quickly, so getting another type of color template can spice up the lighting of your RGB keyboard. If you can customize the RGB lighting on your keyboard, here are some of the best custom color schemes you can set on your keyboard.Absolute Zero

keyboard color change
1. Absolute Zero

This is a popular RGB lighting scheme that uses neon colors for lighting. In most cases, the effect looks simple, but the actual magic happens when you press any key. As soon as you register a keystroke, it has a spillover effect that gives your eyes a beautiful view.

2. Checker

Checkers are really great for all gamers looking for a more classic yet interesting RGB keyboard layout. It is made in black and yellow colors. The color overlay gives a checkered effect.

However, the overlap time is scheduled so that black ripples appear for a short time when you press a key. If you press multiple keys in a short time, it will take time for the effect to be uniform. Each time you press a key, a random check pattern will appear, waiting for a visual experience.

3. Crystalline

Crystal lines are less popular when it comes to RGB effects. This gives a subtle keystroke effect. The effects can be found online and there are several sources that can be downloaded and run with the Razer Synapse tool.

4. Diamond stuff

If you’re looking for a unique RGB color scheme, it’s worth checking out Diamond. This is a great RGB effect that creates feedback every time you press a key. As soon as you press a key, a diamond-shaped effect appears in the form of an eye-pleasing pattern.

5. I don’t know

As the name implies, the random effects give you a glimpse of randomness with a cool look. This effect consists of two waves flowing into each other, creating a cool, wavy effect on your gaming keyboard.

6. Double rainbow

The rainbow effect is very cool for RGB keyboards and is one of the best RGB keyboard color schemes today. But the double rainbow is a little different story. This pattern features the effect of two overlapping rainbows that give an elegant look. Both waves appear to pass through each other and diffuse into each other.

7. Matrix hacking

The RGB keyboard scheme is not only game-based, but also includes effects based on feature films. One such effect is Matrix Break. If you’ve seen The Matrix trilogy, you’ve probably already guessed the theme and colors of this color scheme.

It’s matrix-based and looks pretty. The effect looks pretty and you can increase the effect among your friends after downloading the config file and uploading it to your keyboard software.

8. Pacman

For kids in the 90’s, Pac-Man is still much closer to the heart than the latest games these days. If you feel the same, this color scheme is one of the best color schemes you can play like Pac-Man, which has the effect of eating dots.

You can download diagrams from the internet or create your own diagrams to show your skills. The layout is simple because the number keys are marked in red. The Pac-Man uniform has a blue center and yellow WASD and surrounding keys. In general, there are two variations of this scheme.

9. Rainbow Madness

This is another rainbow color scheme modifier that has a spillover effect. Each time you press a key, the keyboard will undulate in the shape of a wave. This circuit looks fresh to the eye and gives you more freedom in delays and ripples if you want to tweak it

10. Red and black effect

If you don’t like oversaturated keyboard colors, but need something more than a normal single color scheme, the red and black effects are for you. This is an amazing effect of the flashing red keys. As soon as you press a key, a white color effect appears, giving it a unique look and making it even more fun.

11. Scorching Zero

One of my favorites in the best RGB keyboard color scheme is Zero Burning. This is an amazing choice, like a mixture of fire and ice. Red has a fire on the left side of the keyboard and ice on the right side is blue.

When you press the key from either side, the waves come out of that part and travel to the other part, giving the impression that the fire and ice are melting. However, the central section is unique and has a spillover effect when you press a key.

12. Chrome blue

This is the last color scheme on our list. What is important in this scheme is its effect. Gray waves move across the keyboard in idle mode. When you press any key on your keyboard, the blue color slowly undulates. Then again, the color is slowly replaced by gray waves, giving it an aesthetic appearance.

How to set up custom RGB Lighting on Keyboard

Most manufacturers offer RGB lighting and color scheme customization software for keyboards and other peripherals. The setup procedure for all software is similar. A quick guide to popular brands.

Customization software provides a custom lighting color scheme. From there, you can create pretty cool effects on your device based on these lighting presets. First, connect your keyboard to your computer. This is detected by the software and you can choose the settings you want to edit and continue.

You can also adjust parameters such as effect speed, multiple effects playing at the same time, and even intensity. You can create layered effects, just select another preset and add another colorful layer on top as needed.

To start creating a new lighting color scheme, follow these steps:

  • Open the setup software on your computer
  • Select your keyboard from the list of connected devices
  • Open “Light Effect” from the menu.
  • Add a new effect with the + button
  • From the specified layout, select the lighting scheme you want to set for your keyboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best RGB keyboard colors?

Due to personal preference, not one RGB color is perfect for everyone. However, you can choose blue, red, or green for the unique and vibrant keyboard backlight color scheme. Using an orange background with a black background gives it a cool look, especially for Overwatch players.

What is a good RGB color?

Every color has its own uniqueness and complements the overall color scheme of the keyboard. Red, blue, cyan, green, purple and orange are suitable RGB colors. You can highlight the keyboard with one or a combination of these colors.

Is it possible to set the RGB keyboard to one color?

With a customizable RGB keyboard, you can change the colors as needed. If you want to change the color of each key, some keyboards allow such a setting. Setting up a single color layout is much easier than setting up multiple layers or color schemes.

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