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Older ports such as RCA and composite video ports are not practical these days, so newer generation multimedia devices offer limited connectivity. Therefore, to connect to a TV of the past, you need to rely heavily on the HDMI port, which is the main port. So if you buy a new gaming or entertainment device that uses only HDMI and don’t have the right cables in your home to connect it properly, it can be frustrating. This is where the best HDMI modulators come in handy.

If it is difficult to connect the TV box or cable to the display screen, you may need an HD RF modulator. Like any other electronic device on the market, there are different types and brands of RF modulators with different functions and functions. If you want to buy the best HDMI RF modulator, you need to determine the specific features you need for your HDMI modulator and buy the right product before you buy.

Best HDMI RF Modulators

The choice of HDMI RF modulator can be confusing, especially when sorting products by connectivity. This can be a problem as not everyone has the technical knowledge to learn and choose an HDMI modulator for a set of equipment. We have done hours of research and evaluated many products to facilitate your decision. Below are the best HDMI modulators for 2022.

1. VECOAX MINIMOD-2 | HDMI TO COAX MODULATOR to distribute your hdmi video sources to all TVs as HD Channels over existing tv coax cables

HDMI Modulators
BrandPVI ProVideoInstruments
ConnectivityHDMI TO COAX
Transmission Quality1080p Full HD
Dimensions11.42 x 6.34 x 3.7 inches
Best HDMI Modulator/HDMI Modulators

The Vecoax Minimod-2 HDMI Modulator is the perfect option for delivering Dolby Digital audio and Full HD 1080p media. This is ideal if you need full resolution, high resolution images and digital audio from HDMI sources such as PCs, Blu-ray players and satellite receivers. The real advantage of this technology is that almost all existing video sources will be distribution channels.

It doesn’t matter if you want to watch video on a traditional TV or if you’re using an old CRT monitor. Vecoax HDMI Modulator provides what you are looking for. It can process HDMI signals and convert them to standard formats such as NTSC, PAL and SECAM without any problems. Similarly, the Vecoax converter can automatically detect the format of the incoming signal and convert it accordingly, resulting in a crisp image.

The compact design of this device fits into any office or home environment. It has many uses, such as being used as a video embed. HDMI sources are converted to standard video formats using standard non-HDMI TV inputs. The unique broadcast technology included in this system facilitates compatibility with all TVs that use frequencies that are not part of the traditional TV channel system (QAM).

The Minimod-2 is a multi-voltage power supply that operates at 120 or 240 VAC. The pre-wired coaxial infrastructure most commonly found in homes and offices makes it ideal for residential and commercial environments, especially because it facilitates widespread use in video recording of security cameras.

Unlike HDMI sources, Minimod-2 is the best HDMI modulator to send video signals over long distances without the need for an amplifier or signal expander. The HDMI source is built into the RF antenna system, allowing video signals from the source to be transmitted, making it ideal for use in commercial environments where HD connectivity is required throughout the building.

Another way to maximize the usefulness of your setup is to use a coaxial splitter and proper cabling. It provides two outputs from the Minimod-2 and delivers its signal to multiple TVs or other receivers such as Skybox, Virginbox and Freeview.

Vecoax Minimod-2 allows you to set channels and log in according to your requirements. The device is flexible and works with QAM tuners for cable or satellite reception, and digital TV channels. The quality of the output video is the same as the source. There is no signal loss here. Both analog audio (L / R) and digital audio are transmitted with Minimod-2RF modulation.

2. HDMI Modulator RF Converter RCA Coaxial Composite VHF UHF SDR Demodulator Adapter w/ Antenna in/Out & Channel Switch for Roku Fire Stick Cable Box HD Digital AV Component Video to Analog NTSC Coax TV

Best RF HDMI Modulator/HDMI Modulators
ConnectivityHDMI, RCA, F Type Male, AV Coaxial, RF Coax
Transmission Quality1080p Full HD
Dimensions6.7 x 5.24 x 2.44 inches
Best RF HDMI Modulator/HDMI Modulators

With RF modulators, consumers can actually take advantage of the features that older equipment lacks at no cost. The AoeSpy RF Modulator Converter helps convert high definition signals into output signals that can be easily connected to existing older devices. Give people who don’t have access to the best connection options the opportunity to share their media!

HDMI devices are generally limited in that they can connect to a TV within a reasonable distance. It is inconvenient to lay an HDMI cable all over the house and place the media box in an easily accessible location. AoeSpy is the best RF HDMI modulator that overcomes distance limitations by transmitting digital information over long distances.

AoeSpy is perfect for families watching the same TV show on multiple TVs at home. This allows you to share entertainment and connect with everyone at home. It’s like being in the same room. The best thing about AoeSpy Modulators is that it’s not just for fun. It can also be used to set up a nifty surveillance system in a child’s or pet’s room.

The AoeSpy RF Modulator is ideal for economical and versatile HDMI modulators. This can play an important role in using your favorite devices in combination with each other. Great for watching TV shows and movies on your Android device, Amazon FireStick, Google Chromecast, or Roku streaming media player. It also supports PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. You can enjoy a high-definition digital display that realizes clearer images than conventional analog signals.

The AoeSpyRF Modulator HDMI RCA allows you to receive digital signals and convert them on your old TV. This is very cost effective as it eliminates the need for many TV cables, external converters and decoders. Everything is built in and no access is required. For advanced users, this feature also means saving on local cable television systems as they continue to receive digital programming over satellite and terrestrial technologies.

3. HDMI to Coax Modulator Send HDMI Video Source up 1080p to All TVs as HD CATV QAM or ATSC Channels

Best HDMI to Coax Modulator/HDMI Modulators
BrandThor Broadcast
ConnectivityHDMI input, F-type output
Transmission Quality1080p Full HD
Dimensions4.06 x 2.52 x 0.94 inches
Thor Broadcast HDMI to Coax Modulator/HDMI Modulators

Thor’s best HDMI to Coax Modulator is the perfect solution if you’re looking for an easy way to get the highest quality HD video and audio for watching your favorite shows and movies on a standard TV. It provides an easy way to convert HDMI signals to cable TV channels, turning a regular TV into a complete multimedia entertainment center. The ThorBroadcast modulator is as convenient as possible for your everyday needs, as you don’t have to interact with your computer (unlike other similar solutions available).

The Thor HDMI Modulator allows you to stream an HDMI source from a satellite receiver, DVD player, HDMI camera, computer, or other channel used by RF TV and convert it to an RF output signal. This is an economical solution that combines the latest technologies to work with older TVs. Therefore, you don’t need to buy new hardware when connecting HDMI to your RF TV.

Thor Broadcast is the best HDMI modulator for RF conversion. This is an all-in-one device with integration for encoding HDMPEG2 and AC3 Dolby audio, acting as an internal digital modulator. It provides DVB-C / ATSC / ISDB-TRF output by converting high quality audio and video signals from HDMI sources. It works very well with HD sources while delivering high definition video. With Thor Broadcast Modulator, you can easily convert 720p, 1080i, 1080p to RF output.

The Thor Broadcast modulator is very easy to connect and use and does not require a complicated process. To do this, simply connect to your PC and launch ThorBroadcast’s own graphical interface. This is a utility that allows you to control your device and is one of the best programs for setting up a coaxial modulator. One of the best features of the Plug and Play model is its affordability, rare and outstanding features and quality.

For powerful yet small devices, the Thor HDMI over Coax Modulator shows that you can actually make money because it’s almost indistinguishable from connecting the device directly to your TV. However, the HDMI output feature makes this model stand out from the others, allowing you to connect more devices to your existing HDMI setup. It works with all possible sources, so there is no logical reason not to use the Thor HDMI to Coax Modulator when connecting an older TV to an HDMI source.

4. SatLink ST-7000 HDMI to RF Digital Modulator/Encoder Delivers 1080p HDMI Video to TVs as HD ATSC or QAM (J.83B) Channel via Coax Network

Best HDMI to RF Modulator/HDMI Modulators
ConnectivityHDMI to RF Digital Modulator
Transmission Quality1080p Full HD
Dimensions10 x 6 x 3 inches
SatLink ST-7000 HDMI to RF Digital Modulator/HDMI Modulators

If you’re looking for something robust and with many options, the SatLink ST-7000 HDMI to RF Modulator is for you. Helps deliver HDMI or RCA sources to an unlimited number of devices. The flexibility to choose between RCA and HDMI sources for connecting to different devices over a coaxial network makes the ST-7000 Modulator a unique place in the modulator industry.

The ST-7000 wireless modulator can convert HDMI or RCA sources to different resolutions such as 720p, 1080i, 1080p for all TV standards such as J.83B QAM and ATSC. HDMI Modulators are extremely flexible because they can add MPEG-2 HD video layers on top of existing TV channels. You can combine HD video with AC3 Dolby audio and stream it on your TV channel without the need for other converters.

The intuitive LCD panel display makes it easy to select different modes and settings. Therefore, even if you are not familiar with the technology, we think that it is ideal for beginner users. It is a reliable and versatile device because you can set up the device quickly. Web configuration simplifies setup, especially if you are expanding with new hardware or installing on another site.

Use the best CATV HDMI Modulator ST-7000 to connect HDMI sources such as DVD players, surveillance cameras, satellite receivers to your TV via coaxial cable. Use it to streamline operations with a single remote control for all connected displays and devices. This is the perfect solution for both home and business. Compact, expandable, durable and economical. Say goodbye to the messy cable management in your living room.

The SatLink ST-7000 HDMI to RF Digital Modulator is the best choice for anyone who wants to invest in a modulator with a wide range of compatibility. This guarantees that problems will occur during installation and configuration. The ST-7000 is an RF HDMI modulator with excellent compatibility and durability for LCD displays and interactive web features.

5. Multicom1080P Component/HDMI Digital 200 Encoder RF Modulator J.83B QAM, ATSC, ISDB-Tb, and DVB-T Output

HDMI Modulators
ConnectivityQAM, ATSC, ISDB-Tb, and DVB-T Output
Transmission Quality1080p Full HD
Dimensions22 x 13 x 2 inches
Multicom1080P HDMI RF Modulator/HDMI Modulators

Would you like to connect an HDMI-enabled device such as a Blu-ray disc player or cable box to your existing TV without handling the long cables that clutter your space? With the Multicom1080p HDMI RF Modulator, you can get high resolution video output. It’s one of the best devices to pass HDMI connections to older TVs by converting them to older ones without compromising video or sound quality.

The Multicom 1080p modulator sends digital content over existing coaxial cable. It provides high quality 1080p images and AC-3 surround sound over existing cable systems. Use it to showcase videos or scan text and other multimedia at high speeds. There is almost no deterioration in quality. The result is a crisp, perfect image of the content on your TV or older display that doesn’t require a set-top box or media player on each display to watch the channel.

Modulators are built and designed to ATSC specifications, but should work with most tuners designed and designed to meet the same standards. If any manufacturer chooses not to strictly adhere to these standards, we cannot guarantee any problems that may occur. If the tuner does not recognize AC-3 audio, there are three additional audio output options for modulation.

In addition to these features, Multicome 1080p is the best HDMI 1080p modulator compatible with many devices. However, there are some criteria that must be met before use. First, these devices require an HDMI port. Next, you need to provide streaming data for conversion and modulation. HDMI modulator compatibility isn’t narrow as it supports connections with DVD players, laptops and game consoles.

You can also use RCA connectors or coaxial cables when using the Multicom 1080 modulator. However, if your device uses an RCA cable instead of an HDMI connector, the resolution is not very good.

When comparing the Multicom 1080p HDMI RF modulator with similar products from competitors, it is the HDMI port that sets it apart from the others. This means that you can connect directly to your TV or game console. The price range is a bit higher than some people want, but it’s not too high considering what it has to offer.

Types of HDMI Modulators

The best HDMI RF modulators come in different types depending on the connection options. The types commonly used for basic use are:

HDMI modulator

To use a media streaming device on an older TV or playback system that doesn’t have the required HDMI port, you’ll need an HDMI to RCA modulator or coaxial adapter. A nifty little device that converts signals so you can connect your PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 / One game to your TV with an old-style connection port.

RF modulator for TV

It has an F-type female input for connecting an antenna and a separate RF output for splitting the signal into other televisions using an RF cable. It also comes with a remote control and channel changer to ensure there is no interference from existing electronic devices such as VCRs.

HDMI-RF modulator

HDMI to RF Digital Modulator converts HDMI to analog RF channels. It takes all types of digital signals and converts them to analog signals for any device. It can also be used as a splitter for organizing multiple devices. This is a great way to improve your TV experience and enjoy your favorite shows in multiple rooms at home or in the office.

RF Modulator RCA-Coaxial Cable

RCA to Coax RF modulators help convert line-level composite video and analog audio to RF (coaxial) for connecting older TVs. It may sound complicated, but RF modulators are very easy to use. A distinguishing feature of RCA-coaxial converters is the adjustable volume control that adjusts the volume of the audio source according to the volume of the video input signal.

RCA-coaxial adapter

An RCA to coaxial converter is a device that allows you to use an RCA connector with a coaxial cable and vice versa. It’s useful if you have an old TV at home, but you don’t want to throw it away to use a new gaming system or DVD player because you just plug it into an RCA jack.

HDMI modulator VS HDMI converter

The HDMI modulator converts the HDMI input signal to an RF signal without any special cable. This ensures that the transmission is delivered to the existing TV in the home without changing the major equipment. HDMI modulators help you stream 1080p sources to your TV to display high resolution images.

Conceptually, the HDMI converter is very simple. These are called converters because they convert one source signal into another signal that is compatible with another type of display device. For example, suppose you’re migrating from a DVI or VGA signal to a new High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) signal that offers the best experience. It is also backward compatible in some cases.

HDMI to Coax Modulator

The HDMI to Coaxial modulator converts the HDMI signal into a format compatible with standard RF equipment such as televisions with RCA inputs. With one of these handy adapters, you can stream up to hundreds of feet of content from your original HDMI system. Some users have found that these modulators help tune the signal for delivery throughout the internal video infrastructure.

HDMI coaxial modulators have several uses, including:

  • Reliable and more affordable connection of HDMI devices to older coaxial RF displays
  • Used on Blu-ray players
  • Bridge connection between game console (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo) and coaxial connection
  • Connect streaming media players such as Fire TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Roku, and Apple TV.

HDMI Modulator Buying Tips

If you still can’t find an HDMI RF modulator for your TV, we’ll be happy to help you make an informed decision. There are many factors to consider when choosing the best option. Our goal is to elaborate on all of them so you don’t have to worry about which option is best for you.

When trying to select an option on the market, it can be difficult to find the best RF HDMI modulator because little information is available. However, to better understand the situation, we have put together all this information in our purchasing guide. Here are all the features to consider when buying a new modulator:

Connectivity Options

When looking for an HDMI modulator, it’s important to consider whether your device supports your needs. Before investing money in a product, you can make a connection by checking the available input and output ports of the product. In addition, you need to make sure that all types of audio output meet your expectations so that you don’t have trouble finding an HDMI cable that works properly with the technology in your modulator.

Different RF modulators have different configurations. You need to look for the possibility of connecting your device to work with a reverse system. This means that if you are using an older model TV or VCR and want to be able to watch everything on your new device, you can make sure that the modulator supports the required connectors and hardware.

Included Accessories

If you want to get an RF modulator, you will need various other components. For example, you have the appropriate cables and connectors to install and connect your device. If you are buying RF modulators from a reputable brand, they probably won’t charge you too much for these other types of accessories.

When purchasing an RF HDMI modulator, pay close attention to the accessories that come with your device. Often you don’t know when you first start looking. When buying an RF modulator, you need to consider including everything and spend a lot of money on the purchase. That means you need to come with everything you need for a clean and smooth installation, including all the mounting brackets you need, the connecting cables, and of course the power adapter used to power the device.

Supported Video Quality

Video quality is also a very important aspect. This can be especially important when using RFHDMI modulators primarily for entertainment purposes. If you plan to solve all these issues just to connect another media device to your old TV or monitor, make sure it also provides a decent viewing experience.

If the device you are using to display the media does not provide a high quality display experience, you will not be completely satisfied. If your RF modulator cannot upconvert the incoming signal to the resolution of your TV, you should consider looking elsewhere as this feature is essential to get the best viewing experience from your device. .. If you have a limited budget, it’s a good idea to look for a 1080p HDRF modulator. Most HDMI modulators only support 1080p, so there is no better 4K HDMI modulator on the market.

Installation and Application

Even if the HDMI modulator you choose meets all of the above criteria, it is not the best option if you cannot install it. If your setup is not standard, you may experience some basic issues such as poor signal connections, damaged cables, and inaccessibility of your device.

Therefore, consider the size of your screen or device when purchasing an HDMI modulator. Before you buy, you need to measure the gap next to your TV to see if there is enough space to install it. This will tell you where you can place it out of the way. Also, when looking at the specs, make sure you understand everything, including whether it has a remote control, whether it works with setup and power options, and so on.

How We Choose the Best HDMI Modulator

The following criteria were considered when choosing the best HDMI modulator:

Supported Video Quality

If you purchase an RF HDMI modulator, you may be able to use it to connect to old and new devices. Newer devices tend to provide high resolution support, but not for older TVs. Therefore, you may need to find a newer and higher quality RF HDMI modulator for high quality video transmission on this TV. Otherwise, there is no signal of happiness after installing the transmitter.

Type of Connector

Some RF HDMI modulators have different features that can be applied for different purposes. When choosing an RF HDMI modulator, it is very important to find the one that best suits your needs. Take a look at the available connection options and other special features for each model. If you are not sure which type of RF modulator is best for your situation, it is highly recommended to find a model that offers multiple connectivity options.

Remote Control Feature

Some HDMI RF modulators come with remote control features that many users find essential to their installation. If you install the modulator behind the TV, you may need a modulator with a remote control. This helps you control and manage functionality without physical access to the modulator.

Why Trust Mr Wackadoo?

Mr Wackadoo is a team of tech enthusiasts working to provide users with carefully crafted product reviews and recommendations. Our experts select products based on user feedback, features, quality, and availability. We test all our products to ensure that we get fair feedback based on facts and actual use. We reviewed HDMI-Coax modulators, HDMI modulators, and other connectors and provided articles that were carefully crafted to your needs. When buying an HDMI modulator, you can make informed decisions based on years of experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an HDMI RF Modulator?

An RF modulator is an electronic device that allows a particular signal to be converted into a modulated output signal. It’s a simple device that can work with several electronic devices, including those used for entertainment, such as VCRs and DVD players. It’s the perfect device to pair with radios, TVs and game consoles for HD streaming.

How to Convert Digital Coaxial Cable to HDMI Modulator?

There are several ways to convert a coaxial signal to HDMI. Depending on the components you mix, one option may work better than the other. If you purchase a coaxial cable to HDMI converter, you can connect both devices and establish a connection.

What is an HDMI-ATSC RF Modulator?

ATSC RF HDMI modulators provide HD HDMI AV signals for transmission over standard cables. This process ends with signal transmission over a traditional UHFTV channel. RF signals from outdoor TV antennas or other ATSC RF modulators can be combined.

Which type of HDMI modulator is best for you?

There are no specific criteria for choosing the best HDMI modulator. However, you can use the buying guide to find out what to look for when buying these HDMI modulators. The best HDMI modulators meet your needs, provide seamless HD transmission and are compatible with the hardware you need.


There are many HDMI modulators on the market. If you’re looking for a modulator for a particular purpose, it’s easy to find. We have tested all RF HDMI modulators that provide features that help display content between incompatible HDMI and coaxial ports. It offers great features while maintaining an affordable price, as you don’t have to buy new hardware to watch your favorite TV shows or connect your game console to your old TV / monitor.

When choosing the best HDMI modulator, be sure to follow the purchasing guide and read all relevant information. This will help you make informed decisions and buy the right HDMI RF modulator. You can choose the right one by reviewing the strengths and weaknesses of each product and choosing the right one based on your requirements and the features they offer.

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