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Travel blogger of mr. wackadoo

“Travel blogger”

“Harsh Vardhan Agarwal is a content writer and an enthusiast of all the things internet. He always keeps up with new trends When he is not writing words of work, you can find him exploring new places with his dog(Charles). Who always stares at him for another walk”

fashion blogger at mr wackadoo

“Fashion blogger”

“Aditi Sharma” lives in Jaipur. she began her professional career as a school teacher. In July 2020, she finally decided to be a full-time content creator”

tech blogger at mr wackadoo

“Tech blogger”

The only person who doesn’t like to be called gadget guru. “Ankit Singh” is a former senior content creator for Amazon and a loving father. Whenever he is not writing then he might be playing “Hide N’ Seek” with his daughter in a Cinderella costume”