A Complete Elden Ring Multiplayer Guide

Learn how to collaborate with your friends and break into other players with this multiplayer guide.

Lands Between is one of the most difficult challenges that FromSoftware fans have ever faced. You will need all the help you can get. Spirits and Ashes of War do help, but nothing beats the true power of fun collaboration. Conversely, there is little more exciting than breaking into another host and ruining the day. It’s A Complete Elden Ring Multiplayer Guide.

Elden Ring multiplayer component supports co-op, PvP intrusion, and provides the community with tools to mitigate the summoning issues seen in previous articles. This guide will show you how to summon allies to play with them, invade other players for PvP activities, and use many Elden Ring multiplayer items to improve your experience.

Our Elden Ring Multiplayer Guide contains some helpful videos to help you get started playing the Elden Ring co-op, including basics and ways to break into others.

Differences From Previous From Software Titles

elden ring multiplayer details

If you’re familiar with how Elden Ring Multiplayer Guide works in Dark Souls or Bloodborne, the most notable differences between these games and Elden Ring are:

  • While playing alone, you will not be invaded by other players. Players must consent to intrusion using the Provocateur’s Tongue item.
    • AI phantoms can break into solo players at certain points in the game.
  • Elden Ring borrows most of its multiplayer elements from Dark Souls 3.
    • The summoning group depends on the level of the character and the upgraded weapon itself.
    • Invasion matchmaking has shifted the co-op phantom host.
    • The phantom flask charge is half.
  • Whether you are friendly or not, you cannot use your car while there are phantoms in your world.
  • A summon pool has been added to some dungeons, making it easier to find summon signs.
  • The password is back from DS3 and a group password has been added to make it easier to host social events.

How To Play Co-op/Elden ring multiplayer explained

elden ring multiplayer

NOTE: New players should skip to the next section.

Elden Ring has a strange way to manage co-op play compared to other RPGs. Two things are needed to play together.

  • Summoning sign.
  • Someone who activates your summon sign.

Immediately after activating the first Temple of Grace in the tutorial, you will find a corpse of a turned curled finger. Tarnished’s Furled Finger creates summon tokens that allow other players to summon you to your world. The host then needs to activate your summon token in your world to summon you. As soon as you are called, you must be ready to go.

NOTE: Gold Summon Mark is a cooperating player. Red call marks are players who want to participate in PvP.

There are a few things to keep in mind when playing Elden Ring together.

  • When you defeat the boss, all the summoned phantoms will be sent to their world. If you want to play co-op again, you need to summon it again.
  • As long as there are friendly phantoms in your world, enemy players can invade you. Invasion is a PvP encounter with another player.
  • You cannot use vehicles or spirits during Elden Ring Multiplayer .
  • In the phantom, the flask usage has been cut in half and truncated.
  • Ally summon signs are not always found when placed.
    • If both players are using the same password, you can fix this.
  • If the level difference between players is large, the summon mark may not be displayed.
    • If both players are using the same password, you can fix this.

You can have two ally phantoms at any time. The co-op works as expected, except for a fairly long list of restrictions. Phantoms can use buff spells to influence allies, get the attention of enemies, and help defeat bosses.

Using Passwords

Normally, the summon tokens you find in the world are randomly selected. You can use passwords to allow your friends to see each other’s callsigns. Setting a password is easy.

  • Press Escape (PC) or Start (Console) to open the menu selection screen.
  • Select “Multiplayer”.
  • Press “F” (PC), “Y” (Xbox), or “Triangle” (PlayStation) to open the advanced menu.
  • Enter the password for the multi-user or group.

NOTE: Passwords do not affect invasions . Players can continue to Invade without the proper password.

When you restart the game, your password remains valid until you change it. Elden Ring also has a group password to help community members organize their events with each other. Entering a group password increases the chances of encountering call marks, messages, and blood stains from players with the same group password.

Martyr Effigies

A Complete Elden Ring Multiplayer Guide
elden ring multiplayer

Some Elden Ring dungeons and zones have martyr statues that combine all summoned tokens into one pool. You can manipulate these statues to display summon tokens from their pool. Players can add themselves to this pool using the Little Golden Effigy item in their inventory. Use this item again to remove the summon sign from the Martyr’s statue.

How To Invade (PvP)

A Complete Elden Ring Multiplayer Guide

Breaking into the world of other players is much easier than playing co-op. Use Burning Blood Finger consumables to break into the world of other players. Once in their world, your goal is to kill the player’s host. You don’t have to kill the accompanying phantom.

Like co-op, PvP has some limitations.

  • All players (including intruders) cannot use mounts or spirits.
  • The price of the phantom flask has been halved.
  • AI enemies do not attack invading players.
  • Intruding players cannot enter the boss arena.

Note: Remember that solo players must agree to break in. In most cases you will be in the minority. Plan accordingly.

It’s not as healing as the host, but it has some surprises. Use all the tools at your disposal to defeat the Master. If they defeat the local boss, you will be sent back to your world.

Countering Invasions

If you enjoy co-op and want to counter the invasion of your enemies, you can use the White Cipher Ring to call other players and help them in the event of an intrusion. Only one player (indicated by the glow of the blue illusion) can be summoned this way. If you want to help other players fight the invaders, you can use the Blue Cipher Ring to automatically move to the currently invaded world. Both items are available from the round table lobby in the central area, which was unlocked after a few hours of completion.

Writing Messages

You may have noticed a strange message scribbled on the floor during the adventure. These are messages left by other players. Messages can be used to combine multiple words or sentences into short strings to alert you to danger or to troll other players. Like a callsign, you can create your own message so that others can find it. Players can also rate messages found around the world.

To compose a message, you’ll need the Tarnished’s Wizened Finger consumable, a must-have item in the Anticipation Chapel. Use this element to compose a short message at your current location. After that, players from other worlds will be able to read your message and rate it positively or negatively. The message must be composed from predefined options, but there are quite a few options. Use messages to alert players to danger, notify nearby items, or trick them into falling off the map. Your post can be as informative (or malicious) as you think it is appropriate.

Multiplayer Items

elden ring multiplayer details

Elden Ring’s multiplayer doesn’t just summon and invade autographs. There are many items you can use to interact with other players in Lands Between. Let’s take a look at each Elden Ring multiplayer item and its features.

PvE Items
Tarnished’s Furled FingerCreates a co-op summoning sign.Found on a corpse near the first Site of Grace. Mandatory to progress.
Small Golden EffigyAdds your co-op summoning sign to a nearby Martyr’s Effigy.Obtained from the first Martyr’s Effigy you interact with. You can find one a few steps east of The First Step.
Tarnished’s Wizened FingerWrites a message at your location for others to find.Found at the Chapel of Anticipation. Mandatory to progress.
White Cipher RingWhile active, a friendly blue phantom will spawn upon being invaded.
Sold by the Twin Maiden at Roundtable Hold for 1,000 Runes.
Blue Cipher RingWhile active, you’ll be transported to an invaded world as a blue phantom.Sold by the Twin Maiden at Roundtable Hold for 1,000 Runes.
elden ring multiplayer Item
PvE Items
Festering Bloody FingerInvade someone’s world. Consumed on use.Speak to White-Faced Varre at Rose Church.
Bloody FingerInvade someone’s world. Has infinite uses.Progress an NPC quest at Rose Church.
Recusant FingerInvade someone’s world. Has a narrative difference to the Bloody Finger.Progress the Volcano Manor questline.
Duelist’s Furled FingerCreates a PvP summoning sign.Found on a corpse in Stormhill Colosseum.
Small Red EffigyAdds your PvP summoning sign to a nearby Martyr’s Effigy.Obtained from the first Martyr’s Effigy you interact with. You can find one a few steps east of The First Step.
Taunter’s TongueAllows you to get invaded while playing solo. Reduces ally phantom cap to one. Increases invader phantom cap to two. Lowers the invasion lock-out timer between each invasion.Currently unknown.
elden ring multiplayer

Summoning Ranges

A Complete Elden Ring Multiplayer Guide

To prevent slow players from trampling on newcomers, Elden Ring has a summon range system that ensures that players match their current power level. Elden Ring uses two criteria to determine who (or against) you can play with.

  • The current level of the character.
  • The best weapon upgrade you have used.

As you level up your character, you will have a higher group of potential players to play against. Level 100 players do not date level 13 players. The reverse is also true. The same applies to weapon upgrades. No one with a +10 sword is in the same pool as the new character. However, players can use passwords to bypass both call restrictions in cooperating lobbies. Characters leveled up using a password will have their stats lowered to match the weakest player in the lobby.

I don’t know the specific range of matchmaking for Elden Ring, but it seems to be similar to the summoning range of Dark Souls 3. For a general idea of ​​how Elden Ring matchmaking works, visit the Dark Souls 3F extralife Wiki page on summoning ranges. We will update this guide as soon as the community discovers values ​​for the Elden Ring range.

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