6 Best White PSU (Power Supply Units) In 2022 [650W-1300W]

Often, hidden and somewhat forgotten power supplies are often not the first thing to think about when planning a build. Here we have list of 6 Best White PSU (Power Supply Units) in 2022 [650W – 1300W]

Tied to awkward cables and bulky looks, many cases are designed to keep your PSU out of sight and attention. But like a car without an engine, a PC without a power supply can’t do anything and doesn’t go anywhere.

With that in mind, we have compiled a list of the six best white PSUs for 2022. These are sophisticated, high-performance PSUs that you might consider in your next build.

With that in mind, we have compiled a list of the six best white PSUs for 2022. These are sophisticated, high-performance PSUs that you might consider in your next build.

Whether you’re looking for a pure white system or want your PSU to shine like a power beacon, the devices on this list will cover your build and at the same time look good.

Best White PSU In 2022 [650W – 1300W]

The table below outlines the top six white PSUs currently available on the market. To read the entire review, simply click Table>> in the corresponding row.

ProductImageRatingBuy Online
1. Corsair RMX White Series RM750x
”Best white PSU overall” 
9.9Check Price
2. ASUS ROG Strix 850W White Edition
”Best premium all-white PSU”
9.8Check Price
3. Super Flower Leadex Gold 1300W
”Best bang for your buck”
9.7Check Price
4. Antec Earthwatts Gold Pro Series EA750G Pro White
”Best budget white PSU”
9.5Check Price
5. Corsair CX650F RGB White
”Best white PSU with RGB lighting”
9.5Check Price
6. Cooler Master V650 Gold V2 White Edition
‘Honorable mention for Best White PSU”
9.2Check Price
Best white PSUs for 2022

1. Corsair RMX White Series (2018), RM750x, 750 Watt, 80+ Gold Certified, Fully Modular Power Supply – White

Form Factor: ATX | Capacity: 750 Watts | Efficiency Rating: 80+ Gold | Modular: Fully | Warranty: 10 Years | Dimensions: 150mm x 86mm x 150mm

The Corsair RMX White Series RM750x is the best overall device described in this list. With a solid price, great power, and great efficiency that fits most budget builds, it’s perfect for any build. With a long life and a 10-year warranty, your computer can be used for the next few years.

The fully modular RM750x comes out of the box with a cable that is flexible and strong enough to connect all the components you might be using. The cable is also white to look good. With a white chassis, fan cover and black strokes on the logo, this power supply Units has a clean design and you’ll love it.

Appearance and modularity are important for Best White PSUs, but the key questions you may ask are “how much power does it provide” and “how efficiently it does it”. .. The RMX750x powers the rig with a significant 750W. This is probably more than enough to power most builds.

Being 80+ Gold certified means that the device will be more than 90% efficient, even if overclocked. With such numbers, you probably don’t have to worry about getting enough juice.

In addition to efficiently supplying the power needed for the rig, the RM750x does it quietly. In this PSU’s zero RPM mode, the fan will not turn on until it is needed. Even if it is turned on, it is difficult to hear.

With high quality capacitors and reliable airflow, the power supply keeps the temperature low at low to medium loads, and at full load the silent fan operates to keep the temperature low.

Overall, the Corsair RMX White Series RM750x is perfect for any PC build. A fully modular system means that you only need to use what you need and the white power cable that comes with it allows you to keep things organized and look good.

With 750W of power, you can get enough power for almost any build at a reasonable price. With over 100,000 hours of life and a 10 year warranty, this is a choice that you can feel comfortable for a long time. The RM750x offers the high efficiency, low noise, and flexibility of a fully modular system, making it the top white power source on the 2022 list.

Best White PSU

2. ASUS ROG Strix 850W White Edition Best White PSU, Power Supply (ROG heatsinks, Axial-tech Fan Design, Dual Ball Fan Bearings, 0dB Technology, 80 Plus Gold Certification, Fully Modular Cables, 10-Year Warranty)

Form Factor: ATX | Capacity: 850 Watts | Efficiency Rating: 80+ Gold | Modular: Fully | Warranty: 10 Years | Dimensions: 160mm x 86mm x 150mm

Asus ROG Strix 850W White Edition PSU is a clean and modern PSU. With 850W of power available, you can expect to power all builds except the most extreme builds. What’s more, the Strix 850W isn’t just looking, as it packs a lot of enviable features underneath the white body.

Efficient assessment of 80 Plus Gold minimizes energy consumption and heat generation. ASUS also uses an advanced heatsink design inspired by ROG to further dissipate the accumulated heat.

No matter how hot, the specially designed 135mm axial fan ensures quiet cooling at full load. This is a fan design similar to what ASUS uses for modern graphics cards, so you can expect quality. Like the latest 80Plus Gold PSU, the fan won’t turn on until medium to heavy loads.

Like most premium power supplies, the ROG Strix 850W is modular. With the included fully modular cable, you can route the cable exactly as you would connect it to all components. They are also completely white, so you can keep your desired white aesthetic throughout your body.

I had a bit of a problem getting the cables exactly where I wanted them, but using a few more cable ties than usual solved the problem easily.

This power supply comes with a 10-year warranty, so you can rest assured that it will last for years to come. Double ball bearings also ensure that the fan continues to operate with minimal potential for failure. In addition, it comes with electrical protection for OPPs, OVPs, SCPs, OCPs, and OTPs to provide additional protection.

When asking if the White Edition matches the standard black Strix 850WPSU, the answer is yes. Why does it cost more than $ 70? We do not know. The only real drawback of this PSU is the price difference between the standard and white versions of the Strix 850 WPSU.

The price difference is probably not worth it to most gamers, but if you’re reading this article, you’re looking for a clean white aesthetic.

Price aside, the ASUS ROG Strix 850W White Edition is a very good, high quality all-white PSU that always maintains excellent performance and quietness.

That said, if you have the money for it and don’t mind paying extra for aesthetics, you won’t be disappointed at all.

3. Super Flower Leadex Gold 1300W 80 Plus Gold, ECO Fanless & Silent Mode, Full Modular Power Supply, Dual Ball Bearing Fan,SF-1300F14MG

Form Factor: ATX | Capacity: 1300 Watts | Efficiency Rating: 80+ Gold | Modular: Fully | Warranty: 10 Years | Dimensions: 200mm x 150mm x 86mm

Super Flower Leadex may have a high price tag compared to other devices on this list, but it also packs high headroom.

This fully modular 1300WPSU has enough power to power even the most demanding builds with many components. With high efficiency, long life and long warranty, SuperFlowerLeadex is a great option if you can spend a little more on your PSU.

With a gold rating of over 80 and an efficiency of no less than 87%, the SuperFlower Leadex can be used to power the rig without any problems. In addition, if you’re using 1300W, you can add as many top-notch components and flashy RGB stripes to your build as you like.

Despite being the most expensive unit being discussed today, the Leadex is fully modular and highly efficient, offered at a very affordable price compared to many other high wattage PSUs. Definitely perfect for building.

It is slightly larger than other PSUs, but this is expected due to its high power. The efficiency and power available is great, but SuperFlower Leadex really shines with its thermal management system.

With a choice of automatic or economy mode, Leadex has an intelligent cooling system that turns off the fan at low temperatures and adjusts the rotation speed according to the amount of heat that begins to be generated.

With all its power, you might think this unit gets pretty hot, but SuperFlowers’ well-designed thermal system helps keep you and your rig cool. The white chassis and complex design of the cooling slots make this power supply an eye-catcher in the case.

The included cables are black, but there are enough to connect them correctly to all the components, and the fully modular design allows you to use only what you need. With a dedicated on / off switch, Leadex offers the versatility and build control you’d expect.

If you’re looking for a high power PSU and can afford to spend a little more, SuperFlower Leadex is a great choice. With a long life of over 2,000 on / off cycles and a 10 year warranty, this unit will last a long time and will effectively provide sufficient power over the next few years. The smart temperature control design and high quality build make Leadex the perfect power source for white builds.

4. Antec Earthwatts Gold Pro Series EA750G Pro White, 750W Semi-Modular with DC to DC Converter Design, Japanese Caps, PhaseWave Design, 120 mm Silent Fan -Best White PSU

Form Factor: ATX | Capacity: 750 Watts | Efficiency Rating: 80+ Gold | Modular: Semi | Warranty: 7 Years | Dimensions: 140mm x 150mm x 86 mm

A low-cost semi-modular system, the Antec Earthwatts GoldPro Series EA750GProWhite is a good choice for PSUs, especially if you’re trying to make the most of all your dollars.

A compact design and a high efficiency rating mean that it’s not only an asset of your build, it’s also good looking. With a quiet fan and long life, the EA750G ProWhite is an excellent option when it comes to white power.

By mistake, Antec’s white chassis looks smooth, with proper airflow and a fan of black accents at the top. The semi-modular design means that there are several options, but it is still limited to the main cable that extends from the unit.

Semi-modular systems sacrifice some flexibility, but the included cables are flexible, making them easy to route and install.

With 750W of power and a gold rating of over 80, the EA750G Pro White boasts solid performance and excellent value for money. 750 watts is sufficient for components designed to handle semi-modular designs.

A 120mm silent fan keeps you cool and quiet. It may not have the intelligence of a Super Flower or Corsair cooling system, but it still responds to ambient temperatures and provides solid cooling while remaining quiet. Overall a good cooling system, especially in terms of price.

High quality capacitors and internal assembly ensure proper life. With a 7-year warranty, you can get long-distance support. Antec has shown some issues with customer support, but overall build quality means that in most cases there will be no issues.

With a total output of 750W and an efficiency rating of over 80 gold, the EA750G Pro White boasts performance comparable to many other expensive power supplies. It’s not a fully modular platform, so it sacrifices some customization and flexibility, but the components and small footprint provided make it easy to install and fit almost any build.

If you’re budgeting but need a PSU that far exceeds the weight class in terms of performance and efficiency, the Antec Earthwatts Gold Pro Series EA750G Pro White is for you. This PSU is perfect for both beginners and builders within your budget. It provides great value for money.

5. Corsair CX650F RGB, Best White PSU650 Watt, 80 PLUS Bronze, Fully Modular RGB White Power Supply

Form Factor: ATX | Capacity: 650 Watts | Efficiency Rating: 80+ Bronze | Modular: Fully | Warranty: 5 Years | Dimensions: 150mm x 86mm x 140mm

The Corsair CX650F RGB doesn’t carry as much power as its predecessor, the PSU. Low efficiency and low power means that it is not ideal for every build.

However, at the lowest price, it has a built-in RGB to ARGB controller adapter, making it ideal for builds that are a little more style-focused or looking for a suitable budget PSU option.

Similar in design to the RM750x, the CX650F RGB features a white body with black accents on the sides. There is no flashy cooling slot design like the more powerful counterparts, but there is an array of RGB lamps that can be addressed to the fan, and you can use the built-in display or connect it to the motherboard for full ARGB control. I can do it.

This power supply is practically a little lacking, but it makes up for it stylishly. If you’re looking for a device you can be proud of, the CX650F is for you.

When it comes to copper taxes, you may be wondering how this device doesn’t exactly meet power and performance. The CX650F RGB is rated at 650W, but unfortunately it has only a bronze rating of 80 or higher. So what does this mean for the build? In most cases, not so many.

If you’re using a stock build with midrange components and don’t put it in the case too much, you should be fine. And while no other PSU on this list is proud of its gold rating, it consistently delivers efficiencies in excess of 85%, even when approaching the maximum load on the system. The CX650F is inadequate in terms of performance and efficiency, but you probably won’t notice it in many builds.

Returning to the benefits of the CX650F, this power supply Units is fully modular so you can choose components without wasting cables or space. A white cable that matches aesthetics and ease of installation makes this device easy to build and run.

In addition, the cooling system and fans can never be louder than whispering, even when operating at full power. So, except for the gorgeous RGB effects, you probably don’t know that the power supply Units is there.

The Corsair CX650F RGB cannot be heavyweight in terms of performance and efficiency. Due to its low power and low bronze rating, it falls short of the other devices on this list. However, this is a fully modular platform and is the lowest price compared to the other devices described. In addition, RGB effects allow this power supply to add flare to your build.

If you’re looking for a decent budget option or are willing to sacrifice performance for style, the CX650F is a great option for you.

6. Cooler Master V650 Gold White Edition V2 Full Modular,650W, 80+ Gold Efficiency, Semi-fanless Operation, Best White PSU16AWG PCIe high-Efficiency Cables, 10 Year Warranty

Form Factor: ATX | Capacity: 650 Watts | Efficiency Rating: 80+ Gold | Modular: Fully | Warranty: 10 Years | Dimensions: 160mm x 86mm x 150mm

Cooler Master V650 Gold White Edition V2 itself is a very reliable power supply. With the right power, high performance, and a fully modular platform, the V650 Gold V2 should be at the top of most lists.

However, when compared to the other Best White PSUs that described this, it’s less than expected. For a few dollars, you can buy the Corsair RM750x for better performance at all levels. You can get Antec, which is a few dollars cheaper, semi-modular, yet powers more and is just as efficient. In general, the V650 Gold V2 is a good option, but unfortunately it doesn’t reach your peers.

At 650W, the V650 Gold V2 outperforms the much cheaper Corsair CX650F in terms of performance. 650W is sufficient for most builds, and the fully modular platform gives you the flexibility to choose the cables you need.

The V650 cable is white to fit the device itself, and there are 16 cables, but it’s a bit lacking in flexibility and durability, which can be a bit disappointing to set up. The unit is rated at 80+ gold and operates at 90% efficiency at full load, making it a highly reliable PSU in terms of stability.

High quality components and capacitors mean that the V650 Gold V2 has a lifespan of over 100,000 hours and comes with a 10 year warranty, so it’s pretty comfortable. In addition, the Gold V2 has a large 135mm jet fan, which slows it down at low temperatures. When the load is less than 40%, the fan is generally silent and almost inaudible at full speed.

Overall, Cooler Master V650 Gold White Edition V2 is suitable for most builds. But it can’t stand out in a significant way. When it comes to pricing, there are other higher capacity Best White PSU that are too expensive to consider for budgeting.

Everything the V650 Gold V2 does works very well, except for the potentially tedious installation process. It’s just that there are other power supplies that make it a little better. If you get the V650 on a whim, this is a great option, but if you’re doing your homework (such as reading this list), you may find a slightly better option.

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